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Central Receiving

Central Receiving and Shipping's primary responsibility is the receiving and shipping of goods and materials for the University, students, faculty, and staff via ground transportation.


UPS Ground is the University’s primary shipping service. Departmental shipments must be accompanied by a Shipping Request Form. When you need to send a package out, the package must arrive at Central Receiving and Shipping by 3:30 PM.

A trucking company may better suit larger shipments. The sender is responsible for making arrangements with the trucking company for pickup of the items and completing the bill of lading for the shipment. The method of payment for shipments is cash or check.


Central Receiving receives packages daily. Students receiving packages via UPS or another ground courier will be sent an email notification when a package arrives and is ready for pickup.

Central Receiving will deliver faculty and staff packages along with items ordered from the warehouse stock. If an item must be delivered with a priority status, please notify Central Receiving as soon as possible. We will make arrangements to have the package(s) held for pickup.

Delivery Schedule

Delivery times will vary depending on the volume of packages. Some departments will not have a delivery stop if there are no items to be delivered.