Warehouse Services

Warehouse Services provide support services to students, faculty and staff at the Malibu campus including event set up and moving services in addition to inventory, surplus and storage services.


At the Malibu campus, conveniently located on the FM&P pad, between the Mail Services and Central Receiving.


       Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


Services are provided out of two warehouse facilities, one on the Malibu campus (4,500 SQ. FT.) and the other at the Calabasas campus (7,000 SQ. Ft.). The Malibu facility houses the operation offices and all stocked inventory, while the Calabasas Warehouse is the primary facility for storage and surplus items. All transactions for inventory and storage materials are conducted by a computer system (TMA).

Services provided:

Stocked office and maintenance Inventory supplies are made available as support to the University. Please click here for further information.

Equipment and furniture moving services. Please click here for further information.

Malibu Campus Event Set Ups. Please click here for further information.

Contact Information:

Warehouse office phone: (310) 506-4268, Jason Yamabe

Procurement Services: (310) 506-4584, Alan Contreras

Moving Services: (310) 506-6624, Keith Terada

Event Set Up Services: (310) 506-7127, David Foster

Manager of Warehouse and Materials Procurement: (310) 506-6287, Jason Yamabe

Assistant Director, Mail/Warehouse Services: (310) 506-7499, Paul Perry