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Department Event Requests

Event Transportation

We offer transportation services for many special events such as graduations, field trips, conferences, and Smothers Theatre performances. This transportation is provided to departments upon request for the use of our vans or shuttle services. 

Our shuttle capacity is 28-33 passengers. In order to accommodate your request, the following criteria must be met.

1. Between the hours of 6:00 am - 11:00 pm
2. A restroom for the driver at each destination.
3. Adequate parking for the (35 foot) shuttle, all parking fees are taken care of by the requestor.
4. Safe road conditions for the shuttle (some areas, like mountain roads or narrow city streets, have weight restrictions and may have turns not suitable for larger vehicles). 
5. Within a 50-mile radius of campus, not totaling more than 100 miles.  

In order to reserve a vehicle or services, departments should call Transit Services at ext. 4802 to find out the availability of date/s and drivers. This call must be confirmed by email from the requester to sean.kavanagh@pepperdine.edu at least seven to ten business days in advance. 

In the email, please use the template below. 

Name of the event:

Name of Department:

Requestors Contact person and cell #:

The date(s) of your event:

The approximate number of shuttles/passengers count:

Pickup time, location, and address:

Return time location and pick up address:

Any special instructions, or directions for shuttle drivers to follow: