In addition to providing student mailboxes and making daily deliveries throughout the Pepperdine community, Mail Services assists students, staff, and faculty with shipping, purchasing shipping materials, forwarding, and bulk mail needs. Please note that Mail Services only accepts cash or check at this time.

Click and Ship

Click and Ship is a USPS service for packages sent through USPS Priority or Priority Mail Express. Use Click and Ship to purchase a shipping label online with a debit or credit card and drop it off at Mail Services. The weight of the package must be known to use this service.

Bulk Mail
 Departments that need to send bulk mail (mailing that consists of over 200 pieces or weighs more than 50 pounds) can send job requests to Automation Services.
General Distribution
Mail Services provides general distribution of mail such as postcards or announcements to all Pepperdine staff, faculty, and students.
Mail Services
Shipping Services
USPS or UPS, express or ground, international or domestic, Mail Services offers a variety of shipping options. When you ship UPS packages through Mail Services, you can receive a discount of up to 60% off.
The Retail Window
Swing by the Retail Window to purchase stamps, postage, and shipping materials for letters or packages.
Mail Forwarding
Set up mail forwarding before graduating or studying abroad (forwarding services only available to students at this time).