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In addition to providing student mailboxes and making daily deliveries throughout the Pepperdine community, Mail Services assists students, staff, and faculty with shipping, purchasing shipping materials, forwarding, and bulk-mail needs. Please note that Mail Services only accepts cash or check at this time.

Click and Ship

Click and Ship is a USPS service for packages sent through USPS Priority or Priority Mail Express. Use Click and Ship to purchase a shipping label online with a debit or credit card and drop the package at Mail Services. The weight of the package must be known to use this service.

Mail Services

Bulk Mail

Job requests for bulk mail (mailing that consists of more than 200 pieces or weighs more than 50 pounds) should be sent to Automation Services.

General Distribution

Mail Services provides general distribution of mail such as postcards or announcements to all Pepperdine staff, faculty, and students.

Shipping Services

Mail Services offers a variety of shipping options, including USPS and UPS, express and ground, and international and domestic. When you ship UPS packages through Mail Services, you can receive a discount of up to 60 percent.

Retail Window

Stamps, postage, and shipping materials for letters or packages are available at our Retail Window.

Mail Forwarding

Set up mail forwarding before graduating or studying abroad. 

Additional Details

  Bulk Mail

Automation Services handles automated bulk mail and is located on the Facilities Pad. Bulk mail refers to mailing that consists of more than 200 pieces or weighs more than 50 pounds. Although bulk mail is not considered priority mail, substantial discounts are available to bulk mailers.

We have software, printers, tabbing and labeling machines, and other equipment to meet the requirements of the USPS so that University mailings can be accomplished efficiently. Mail couriers pick up packages for automation services on their scheduled runs. For special pickup or larger mailings, please call Mail Services.

To submit a bulk mailing job through Automation Services, please complete a Mail Piece Planning Form and email it to autoserv@pepperdine.edu to expedite the process.

Contact Automation Services at ext. 7433 to learn more about bulk mailing.

  Mail Forwarding

Forwarding to Students

Students who are leaving the campus for the summer, attending an international program or the Washington DC program, graduating, or withdrawing need to fill out a Mail Forwarding Form to continue receiving their mail.

Forwarding addresses must be to an address within the United States. 

When a student leaves the University permanently, Mail Services will forward mail for up to three (3) months after the start date indicated on the form. 


Please note that Mail Services does not set up mail forwarding for departments.

The former department staff are responsible for preparing mail that needs to be forwarded to an employee who is working in a new department. If the individual is no longer with the University, only First Class and Priority Mail may be forwarded without payment of additional postage. To forward mail, readdress it and write "forward" on it. It is not necessary to repackage the item.

  The Retail Window

Postage Stamps

Stop by our Retail Window in the Mail Services office for postage stamps or buy a book of stamps (20) The Retail Window is open to all of the University community from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Please note that the Retail Window only accepts cash and checks at this time.

For stamps to be delivered to a department, please complete an online requisition.


  • 1 Forever Stamp = $0.60
  • 1 Book of Stamps = $12.00
  • International Stamps = $1.30

Shipping Materials

Some boxes for Priority Mail and UPS are available for purchase year-round. Moving boxes are available for purchase at the end of the spring semester in Mail Services.


Departments are responsible for preparing outgoing mail; addressing, wrapping, filling out customs forms; and identifying the class an item should be mailed at.Mail Services will not supply customs forms but will supply expedited mail labels and envelopes and UPS shipping supplies.