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MyStudentBody-Alcohol Instructions for all New Students

It is an expectation that all first-year students complete this program.

Welcome to Pepperdine! To begin the course, please:

  1. Go to
  2. Click here  to open up the MyStudentBody Course Instructions.
  3. Complete the Alcohol Course ONLY with a passing score. Passing the course is a requirement. Students who do not complete the course could be subject to judicial consequences.
  4. For technical problems, please click on the SITE HELP link at the bottom of each page.

University life offers an infinite number of opportunities and choices, and for many, a new level of independence. National studies confirm that choices regarding the use of alcohol can significantly affect students' residential and academic experience. Tragic national headlines remind us that beyond simply a "rite of passage," alcohol abuse can have life-changing and even life-ending consequences.

Fortunately, at Pepperdine, the vast majority of students make healthy choices regarding the use of alcohol. Nearly half of our students choose not to drink alcohol at all. Others choose to drink legally and in moderation. Those who use in excess are certainly in the minority at Pepperdine. To encourage these trends to continue and improve, in addition to enforcing specific alcohol policies, Pepperdine will remain proactive in providing students the information they need to make informed, healthy choices. Please review the alcohol policy by clicking here.

Given Pepperdine's Christian worldview, students are believed to be of infinite worth, and encouraged in ways that enhance their academic, social, and spiritual selves. Alcohol education is an important example of how Pepperdine educates the whole student, strives for excellence, follows best national practices, and uses methods that have been demonstrated effective.

One such proactive method is MyStudentBody, an on-line program designed to help students examine personal beliefs, behaviors and consequences, while highlighting prevention education through interactive tools, peer stories and informational pieces. 

We hope that this course will provide you some valuable information and an opportunity to reflect on your own choices. Perhaps the site will raise thoughts or questions to discuss with parents and friends before coming to Pepperdine. We wish you a happy, healthy transition to university life.




Sparkle Greenhaw, PhD, NCC, LPCC
Counselor/Alcohol and Other Drug Coordinator