On Campus Vendors

Our University approved on-campus vendors are here to help. Make your experience living at Pepperdine the best that it can be. 


Temporary Storage and Moving Services 

Flexible Steel Movers

Flexible Steel Movers Logo

Flexible Steel Movers is the University approved partner of Housing and Residence Life for moving and storage needs. Flexible Steel Movers works directly with the student to provide them with their services that include various storage options, including on-campus pick-up, sending boxes home, and storing items during the summer and having them delivered to their fall semester campus housing room assignment. Flexible Steel Movers also works with FedEx, so students can send boxes to Flexible Steel Movers, and they will deliver them to a room assignment before students arrive on campus. Please visit the Flexible Steel Movers website for more information. 

Alternatively, you can also call Melinda from Flexible Steel at (310) 497-2258. 

College Storage Services

College Storage Services (CSS) provides students with various storage and moving options. Please see the College Storage Services website for more information. 

Bundled Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

University Laundry

Tide University Laundry

University Laundry provides pick-up and delivery service to university students for their bundled laundry and dry cleaning needs. To learn more visit University Laundry's website

CORT Rentals


"Let us help you make your new apartment home. With CORT Housewares, it's easy to feel right at home, right away. Our housewares packages include every last detail for all your rooms." For more information, please visit the CORT website linked below: 

Renters Insurance for College Students

College Student Insurance (CSI) offers worldwide primary coverage for student-owned and rented property in cases of theft, accidental damage, and natural damage. Property covered under CSI includes all electronic devices, external hard drives and computer software, jewelry, instruments, artwork, collectibles, and bicycles. For only $87 annually, students can enjoy $3000 worth of coverage, with only a $25 deductible. Adjustable limits range from $3-10k. Additional options include identity theft coverage and liability coverage. This policy is offered to students as an affordable alternative to general homeowners' policies.

College Student Insurance website (opens in a new tab)