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Academic Year Housing

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 Housing

2021-2022 Housing Application Process

On-campus housing spaces have been filled. We strongly encourage upperclassmen who are still looking for housing to promptly begin locating off-campus housing. To assist you in this, please visit our Off-Campus Housing webpage with off-campus rental options, including a few long-term stay hotels with Pepperdine negotiated rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for information on the Year 2 Welcome program (Aug 20-Aug 26) for current first-year students.

Please visit the Year 2 Welcome website for more details! 

What is the residential plan for the fall? I want to make sure before my child signs the contract.

Please know that we are committed to exploring ways to offer undergraduate and graduate housing to as many students as we can while considering appropriate health and safety recommendations. At this point, it is our hope to be able to have two students in most double occupancy rooms.

If anything in this plan changes, we will be sure to contact students via their Pepperdine email account and on the Housing and Residence Life website.

What is the fee for housing cancellation?

The undergraduate resident who cancels a contract on or before the below dates will be charged the following cancellation fines:

Upon Room Reservation $250
5/1 $500
6/1 $600
7/1 $700
8/1 $800
First Day of Class for Fall Semester $900*
No-show $900

*in addition to room charge for occupancy.

Request for cancellation must be received via the Housing Portal.

Will housing cancellation fees be waived since decisions are not yet determined?

During the room sign-up process, cancellation fees will apply. This is to ensure that students are not reserving a space on campus as a placeholder limiting the number of other students who can then subsequently sign up for housing.

In the event that we need to reduce or cancel on-campus housing for fall 2021, all cancellation fees will be reimbursed.

What if I want to wait to sign up for housing?

We offer a rolling housing acceptance process as space is available.

When will I know if I will be offered on-campus housing?

We are committed to having students on campus to the maximum extent possible. For new, incoming first-year and transfer students, we plan to send room assignment emails by no later than Friday, August 6.

Is there a potential impact on students who are guaranteed housing (first-years, new transfers, and sophomores)?

We are planning to house first-years, new transfers, and sophomore students for fall 2021–spring 2022. If you have completed a fall 2021–spring 2022 housing contract via the Housing Portal, and have received a room assignment, you can expect to have on-campus housing (unless future guidance from local public health officials precludes it). For new, incoming first-year and transfer students, we plan to send room assignment emails by no later than Friday, August 6.

Is there a potential impact on international students and those coming from out of state?

No. International and out-of-state students are able to live on campus as long as they are enrolled at Pepperdine, have completed a contract via the Housing Portal, and receive a housing placement from our office.

Will first-year and transfer students still be able to select their roommates?

Students had the opportunity to request roommates until the June 25 deadline.

What if I want to sign up for a single room?

Please know that we are hopeful to operate without restrictions and desire to provide on-campus housing to as many students as possible. This means that at this time, we are not offering additional single room options beyond what is provided at the Drescher campus apartments and through the disability accommodation process. Should you feel you need a single room accommodation or request to be exempt from the on-campus housing requirement, please follow these processes: Single Room Accommodation and Residency Exemption.

I'm required to live on campus. How can I apply to be exempt from this policy?

Students and families may request an exemption from the first-year/sophomore requirement by completing an exemption request.

In the event that you can not house all intended students, how will you decide who receives priority? International students? Students without cars? Students from out of state?

First and second-year students are required to live on campus and will generally be given first priority. Other considerations will be factored in as well. Students who want on-campus housing who are initially denied will be given an opportunity to express their needs and describe their particular situation.

What if Pepperdine goes to remote learning for fall 2021?

At this time, Seaver College is planning to deliver all fall classes in person and on its Malibu and international program campuses during the fall 2021 semester. Should remote instruction be required at some point during the fall semester due to COVID-19 restrictions, students who cancel their contract will have their reservation fee credited to their student account. If needed, additional details on the cancellation process will be provided. No contract cancellation fees will be assessed.

If campus doesn't open by August, would the Housing Contract Terms and Conditions be annulled automatically? Will I be required to pay housing and meals if campus doesn't open?

Although the University anticipates a return to normal campus operations by August, if campus does not open at that time, the Housing Contract Terms and Conditions will be annulled. Therefore, students would not be required to pay the balance for room and board.

Under those circumstances, returning students who have submitted the non-refundable prepayment will receive a credit within the student's account. A student can request for that prepayment to be redeposited in their bank account by contacting Student Accounts. The student can also leave the prepayment in their account and that money can then be applied toward future balances.

Will I be required to pay the full-year room and board should the campus open then close again due to COVID-19? Will I receive a refund on housing if I'm required to vacate?

The Housing Contract Terms and Conditions states that the University reserves the right to charge the contracted room rate for the duration of an academic year, which is the contract length. However, if the situation occurs where the University will once again need to close, we will give a pro-rated refund based on departure date if it is more than a week before the end of the semester. Families would then be able to determine if they want the balance of their funds to remain in the student's account (to be applied to future charges), or they can work with Student Accounts to have the balance transferred to the student's bank account.

What if I want to live off-campus?

For junior, senior, and graduate students who desire to live off-campus, we recommend that students pay close attention to the terms of their lease. Most off-campus leases will not provide prorated refunds if students leave mid-lease. Consider trying to negotiate with the landlord for a month-to-month lease, which may provide more flexibility. Given the circumstances, some landlords may be more willing to negotiate.

If a student can commute from home, and that is their preference due to COVID-19 risk, will you allow this?

First and second-year students seeking an exemption to the requirement to live on campus may complete an exemption request here. Health concerns will be a consideration as we review these requests. If you believe you have a disability that precludes you from being able to safely live in residential housing, you can begin an accommodation request with the Office of Student Accessibility by contacting them here.

Where do I sign up for housing?

Students may submit their housing applications through the Housing Portal.

If I need accommodation, what should I do?

All students in need of accommodations must work through the Office of Student Accessibility (OSA). 

Please visit our Student Accessibility page for more information and deadlines. Students who currently have accommodations must annually renew and update their accommodations.

How do I select a meal plan?

Meal plan requirements correspond with living areas, and you will be able to select a meal plan in the Housing Portal. For more details, please visit our Meal Plan Information page. 

How do I cancel my housing contract?

Please visit the Housing Portal to start the cancellation process.

Why am I required to live in campus housing?

Our residency requirement policy states that all new students are required to live on campus and have meal plans for four semesters and all transfer students are required to live on campus for one semester. We believe the relationships and community built during these first years of attending Pepperdine are vital to the college experience. The Housing and Residence Life program provides an atmosphere that empowers students to make connections between faith, living, and learning within a diverse community.


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