Returning Students

Returning Students

When do I sign up for housing for the academic year?

Current students may enter the Housing Portal to sign the housing application. Check your Pepperdine email account regularly for information and deadlines. New incoming students will not yet have access to the Housing Portal as their housing process will take place over the summer.

Fall Semester Room Reservation Process

All students who are enrolled in classes and have completed a housing application will be assigned a login time for the Housing Portal, regardless of whether they room with another student. Students will select rooms based on their assigned login time slot.

Important dates to watch for on the Pepperdine Community Calendar:

  • General incoming sophomore Housing Portal time slot assignments.
  • General incoming upperclassman Housing Portal time slot assignments.

Withdrawal/Contract Cancellations

For information on Fall 2020 withdrawals/contract cancellations, please visit our Housing Information During COVID-19 page. To cancel your housing contract, please visit the Housing Portal.

How do I select my room?

The housing selection process can be completed in the Housing Portal online.

What happens if all junior and senior spaces are full before it is my turn to select a space?

For those who do not secure housing on selection day, waitlist registration will be available. After selection, those who were unable to select may place themselves on a waitlist as an individual. Campus housing is only available on a year-to-year basis. Additionally, housing prioritizes freshmen, transfers, and sophomores as they fall under our residency requirement.

How does my Office of Student Accessibility accommodation impact housing selection?

All current students with approved housing accommodations must renew and update their accommodations through the Office of Student Accessibility (OSA) annually. Deadline to complete registration with the OSA or renew existing accommodations is February 15.

  • Sophomores are prioritized for campus housing and will participate in the regular process of Housing Portal time slot assignments.
  • Juniors and seniors also participate in a Housing Portal time slot assignment process to determine who will live on campus. This includes students with approved housing accommodations.

If an upperclassman with an approved housing accommodation secures a space on campus through the Housing Portal time slot assignments, Housing and Residence Life and Residence Life (HRL) and OSA will then work with the student to address the accommodation specifics based on availability.

How do I select a meal plan?

Meal plan requirements correspond with living areas, so you will not be able to select a meal plan until you are officially placed in housing.
In general, suite-style housing requires a meal plan. Apartments with an in-unit kitchen (within the living space), typically do not require a meal plan.


The company listed below is a partner of Housing and Residence Life, and we are pleased to offer the following University-approved services to our residents:

Renters Insurance for College Students

College Student Insurance (CSI) offers worldwide primary coverage for student-owned and rented property in cases of theft, accidental damage, and natural damage. Property covered under CSI includes all electronic devices, external hard drives and computer software, jewelry, instruments, artwork, collectibles, and bicycles. For only $87 annually, students can enjoy $3000 worth of coverage, with only a $25 deductible. Adjustable limits range from $3-10k. Additional options include identity theft coverage and liability coverage. This policy is offered to students as an affordable alternative to general homeowners policies.

College Student Insurance website (opens in a new tab)