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Contract and Registration

In congruence with our mission to establish a community that fosters social, academic and spiritual growth, all new students are required to live on campus and have a meal plan for their first two academic years including all transfer students who are required to live on campus for the entire academic year. The only exception applies to spring transfer students who are required to live on campus for one semester (the spring term when they begin Pepperdine). We believe the relationships and community built during these first years of attending Pepperdine are vital to the college experience. The Housing and Residence Life program provides an atmosphere that empowers students to make connections between faith, living, and learning within a diverse community.

The terms of the housing contracts may be found on the HRL website. Please note that contracts may only be broken with separation from Pepperdine. Students withdrawing before the add/drop deadline will receive a full refund. Students withdrawing or separating after the add/drop will not receive refunds for partial semesters except for medical withdrawal. Residents who withdraw must notify OneStop and officially check out with the HRL Office. Students not enrolled in classes, as determined by the Office of the Registrar, lose their eligibility to live in University housing immediately.

When calculating semesters, International Program housing counts, but summer or winter break terms are not considered a semester due to the number of days involved.

Students wishing to apply for a residency exemption may submit a written petition to Housing and Resident Life by the posted deadline. Pepperdine understands the value of students being in community, so exemptions will be rare and for very special circumstances. The exemption petition must provide specific details on how the student's living situation will be more beneficial than the supportive and active environment of the Pepperdine community. After the documentation has been submitted, the HRL Board of Review will consider and make its decision.

Housing for juniors and seniors is limited because there is not enough space for all students to live on campus. Students with a disability or a chronic medical condition that requires special facilities and/or accommodations must register with the Disability Services Office by the posted deadline.

Students who are below full-time status may request housing and may be assigned if space allows. For contract cancellation, refer to the Housing contract terms and conditions.

University housing may be available during nonacademic periods and available to residents for an additional cost. Residents remaining on campus during these periods must submit an Interim Housing form and may be consolidated to specific areas during the break.

Residents are not permitted to temporarily or permanently reside in a room other than their assigned room. Residents wanting to relocate may do so only after receiving permission for a room change. The University reserves the right to reassign individuals to different rooms or units. Such reassignment will only occur if it will better serve the needs of the students and/or the University. By signing the housing contract, each resident accepts responsibility for knowing and adhering to all institutional regulations. University policies are in effect at all times, whether or not classes are in session. Students who fail to live by the community standards may lose the privilege of living on campus. A student's disciplinary status will be considered when prioritizing any housing waitlists.

The fall housing contract begins at the time of submission and is binding until checkout at the end of the spring term. Students who fail to submit application materials are still bound by the terms of the housing contract for the years they are required to live in on-campus housing.

The HRL Office will communicate with residents via their Pepperdine e-mail account.

Residents are encouraged to monitor their account regularly. Residents who are dismissed from University housing prior to the end of the contractual period will be responsible for any remaining charges and are ineligible for reimbursement of any amount already paid.