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Room Change Procedures

Due to the need to establish the hall community and provide a smooth transition into the academic year, no room changes will be permitted during the first three and last three weeks of both the fall and spring semesters.

Outside the room freeze period, the student seeking a change must first contact their Resident Director (RD) to make them aware of the desire to initiate a room change. The RD will decide whether a room change is necessary by working with the student and any roommate or apartment-mates through the BHR and mediation process to address any underlying issues. The HRL Staff will work with the RD to determine which, if either, student will move if the situation cannot be resolved.

If the student's room change request is approved, they will receive confirmation from the HRL Office regarding the details of the move. All open bed spaces must be left empty and ready for a roommate to move into the room at any time. If a new roommate is placed, HRL will give notice to current residents to the extent possible, but special or emergency circumstances may necessitate immediate moves. Please review the fines associated with improper room changes and failure to prepare for a roommate.

Between semesters: Students may request a different space for the spring semester directly through the HRL Office, though a room change is not guaranteed. If a room change offer is accepted, the resident is required to move to the new assignment. Students currently living on campus but moving to a new assignment must move all of their belongings out of the old room before leaving for break.