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Pepperdine | Community

Fire Hazards

With the exception of approved appliances, the University prohibits burning open flames or incense in any living area at any time. Any acts of negligence or intent that place the community at risk of fire are prohibited. Additionally, fire hazards such as fireworks, lava lamps, halogen lamps, appliances with exposed heating elements, unapproved space heaters, and personal BBQs or other items considered unsafe in a residential environment are strictly prohibited in or around any living area. BBQs in the community area are available for student use. Residents are not to use any part of the oven or broiler for storage purposes. The possession or use of candles (with or without wicks, burned or unburned) will result in disciplinary action including confiscation and/or other sanctions.

The use of string lights (Christmas lights) is only permitted between the Thanksgiving holiday and before students leave for winter break. Christmas lights may be displayed on a fireproof figurine (e.g., artificial Christmas tree); however lights cannot be attached to the interior of any student housing facility i.e. walls, ceilings, furniture, appliances, windows, doors or stairwell railings. Christmas lights may be displayed on the exterior of the building, but cannot be hung on any roof area or attached to any structure by the use of nails or staples. Natural cut Christmas trees may be displayed outside as long as they are at least 10 feet from any structure. All Christmas decorations, including string lights and Christmas trees must be removed from the community before winter break. Please direct any questions to the HRL Office or the Resident Director.

Light fixtures in the residential community should never be obstructed or covered by any material. Residents may not cover their walls with material that will create a fire hazard, such as cardboard or cloth. Decorations or posters may cover up to 10% of each wall. Covering public area couches and chairs with fabric and throws is prohibited.

Powered appliances, surge protectors and extension cords should not be used in violation of manufacturers’ specifications (e.g., using multiple extension cords with multiple plugs in one outlet, plugging a surge protector into another surge protector). Fire hazards found in the residential community will be immediately confiscated; in most cases, items that have been confiscated will not be returned.