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Off Campus Housing Resources

For upperclassman and graduate students looking for off-campus housing, please see below for a collection of listings near Pepperdine's Malibu campus. 

Off-Campus Listings

Students may also consider looking into, a service that provides students with local off-campus housing solutions. 

Graduate School Off-Campus Housing Guide

In addition to the above collection of listings, please feel free to review the following off-campus housing guide created for Malibu-based graduate students by the Pepperdine graduate schools and housing search company, VeryApt. 

Listing Disclaimer

The University does not inspect, visit, or supervise rental properties listed on this website, nor endorse any particular properties. Further, the University does not guarantee that students will find rental properties through this website. The University also cannot guarantee accuracy or completeness of rental properties, nor be responsible for any personal injury or property damage that arises from occupancy. We offer the listings on this website as a resource in providing information on available properties for rent, but we make no representations about those properties. The University recommends that students exercise their own judgment when evaluating a rental property or landlord and inspect the rental property personally before entering into a rental agreement.