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Roommate Questionnaire

To aid in the search for a roommate, students will be asked a series of questions about their lifestyle preferences and our software will recommend compatible roommates for students to choose from. The following questions will be asked:

  1. During the week, what time do you usually go to sleep at night?
    1. Before 10PM
    2. 10PM - 11PM
    3. 11PM - 12PM
    4. 12AM - 1AM
    5. After 1AM
  2. When I am in my room, I:
    1. Prefer silence
    2. Prefer background noise
  3. Amount of time spent each week in faith/church related activities or spiritual worship:
    1. Not involved
    2. Less than one hour
    3. One hour
    4. Two hours
    5. More than two hours
  4. How organized do you like to keep your living space?
    1. Not organized
    2. Somewhat organized
    3. Very neat and organized
  5. If comfortable loaning personal items, your permission should be sought:
    1. In person
    2. Via text
    3. Via phone call
    4. All of the above
    5. I am not comfortable with loaning personal items
  6. I like to frequently have guests in my room:
    1. Rarely
    2. Occasionally 
    3. All the time