Laundry Services

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Laundry Facilities on Campus

Laundry facilities are available in each living area.

Washers and dryers take credit cards only, and are not coin-operated.

How can I report a broken washer or dryer?

Report broken washers or dryers online at

Which credit/debit cards are accepted?

The system accepts all credit/debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo.

Can I use pre-paid debit cards?

Most Visa or MasterCard pre-paid debit cards are accepted, but it is not guaranteed that all brands will work.

The pre-paid debit card account must have a balance of at least $8.00 or the transaction will be declined.

Reloadable pre-paid cards are recommended.

What if I do not have $8.00 available in my credit/debit account?

You must have a minimum of $8.00 in your account or your transaction will be declined.

How is my credit/debit card processed?

The system pre-authorizes your credit/debit card for $8.00 worth of laundry. The $8.00 is placed on "hold" for up to three hours. All transactions done during the three-hour time frame will be added up. After the three hours expire, the $8.00 "hold" will be released, and you will be charged the exact amount you spent during the three-hour time frame.

Note: While the WaveRider system only places a three hour hold on the $8.00, the bank that issued your credit/debit card may place an extended hold on the $8.00 for up to 72 hours. In most cases the funds will settle within 24 hours, but can take up to 72 hours. If the $8.00 is still showing as "pending" on your statement, wait 72 hours for the transaction to settle.

Laundry Tips:

Find quick, step-by-step cleaning instructions from the experts at WASH.

Just click on your stain and they will give you a solution to get it out.

Check out Stains A-Z for a more comprehensive list of stain solutions.

The company listed below is a partner of Housing and Residence Life, and we are pleased to offer the following University-approved service to our residents:

Bundled Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

University Laundry provides pick-up and delivery service to university students for their bundled laundry and dry cleaning needs. To learn more visit: University Laundry(opens in a new tab)