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Discount Codes


Follow the steps below to create discount codes. After the discount code is created, event planners need to attach them to items.

Creating a Discount Code

  1. [Select] the eStore app, and [Click] the Source Codes tab.
  2. From the Source Codes tab page, [Click] the New button.
    • The screen should look like the below. Create New Source Code
  3. In the Source Code field, [Enter] the desired source code (i.e. FREE).
  4. In the Channel picklist, [Select] the 'Event Sponsorship' channel to track source code related transactions.
  5. Next to the Business Group field, [Click] the Lookup Button.
  6. In the Lookup window, [Select] 'Pepperdine University.'
  7. If not checked, [Check] the Active checkbox.
  8. [Click] Save.

Attaching Discount Codes to an Item

  1. In the Search Box, [Type] in the name of the event and hit [Enter].
  2. [Click] the Event Builder button.
  3. [Select] the Tickets tab to find the Item that should receive the discount pricing.
  4. Under Actions, [Click] on '...' and [Select] Edit Price Rules.
    • This will launch users to a new page that looks like the below. Create New Price Rule
    • Note: The DEFAULT price should already be listed.
  5. [Click] on the dropdown arrow next to Save and [Select] Save & New.
  6. [Enter] the new Name and a Price for the Item.
    • The name should be [Source Code] Price Rule for [Item] (i.e. FREE Price Rule for Fountain Pen).
  7. The Price should be the price of the Item after the discount code is applied.
    • I.e. the Item costs $10, but it it should be $8 after the discount code. The Price field should be $8.
  8. [Check] the Is Active checkbox.
  9. In the Price Rule Criteria section, [Click] on the Source Code field and [Type] in the discount code name.
  10. [Select] the correct Source Code.
  11. [Click] Save.