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Event Checklist

What to Know Before Creating an Event

Lightning Events allow users to configure one or multi-page event registration pages. Use the checklist below to plan out your events before you start to  create events with Event Builder. For event planners who only have a few events per year, please fill out the Fonteva Event Intake Form.

Required Elements

  • Event Name
  • Event Date/Time
    • Start Date
    • Start Time
    • End Date
    • End Time
  • Event Description
  • Type of Event (Free/Paid)
  • Tickets
    • One or Multiple
    • Price per Ticket (if paid event)
    • GL Account (if paid event)
    • Ticket Capacity
    • Early Bird Ticket
    • Discount Codes
  • Raiser's Edge Event (Yes/No)
  • Primary Venue/Location
  • Email Communication
    • Event Organizer Email
    • Send Email Confirmation (Yes/No)
    • Send Email Reminder (Yes/No)
    • Hide Ticket/QRCode from Reminder Email (Yes/No)
  • Contact Information
  • Form Questions

Optional Elements

  • Email Communication
    • Additional Email Confirmation Text
    • Additional Email Reminder Text
    • Calendar Reminder Text
  • Adjust Registration Timer (default is 15 minutes)
  • Agenda/Session (may be required)
  • Speaker(s)
    • Speaker Image
    • Title
    • Company
    • Bio
  • Venue Image
  • Venue Description
  • Additional Items for Sale (known as add-ons or optional packages)
  • Image Banner
  • Image Thumbnail
  • Share Event with Others
  • Extra Pages (such as FAQs or Sponsors)

Plan for the Post Event Process

  1. Events are typically closed one day after the end day of the event.
  2. You must complete the post event process within 7 days of the end of the event.
    1. Check-in all attendees
    2. Add any walk-ins
    3. Issue any refunds
    4. Mark the Event Status as "Completed"