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Backend Registration

Users can register attendees on the backend using Fonteva's Rapid Order Entry tool. 


Registering Attendees for an Event with Rapid Order Entry


  1. Search for and select the Contact in the Fonteva Events app to which you want to add the event.
    • If you cannot find the Contact, then you will need to create a new contact.
  2. [Click] the Rapid Order Entry button.
  3. Use the Item Quick Add field to [Search] for Ticket Types or the Event Name previously configured in the Fonteva Events app.
  4. [Click] Add to Order.
    • Attendees, Forms, and Schedule Items can be added or changed by clicking the item panel.
    • The purchasing Contact or Primary Contact of purchasing Account will be auto populated into the First Attendee slot.
    • Information from the first Attendee can be copied during the creation of a new Attendee after selecting the Contact in the Copy Settings From dropdown and clicking the + New Attendee button.
  5. Once all items are added, [Select]  Process Payment under the order total and [Click] Go.
  6. [Enter] Payment Information and [Click] Process Payment.