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Finance Requirements

General Information

User Fee

Salesforce and Fonteva licenses are free to event planners.

Free Events

Free events are those that have no financial transactions associated with the event. If there are any credit card charges done through Fonteva before, during, or after the event, it is considered a paid event.

Paid Events

Paid events are those with any credit card charge transactions done through Fonteva. This can be anything from a ticket to an item (such as a t-shirt, donation, meal plan, housing, etc.).

Event Creator Responsibility

I understand I am responsible for all payments processed and any associated credit card fees. The credit card fee is currently 3% of the ticket price. It is a violation of state law to pass credit card fees directly on to the registrant. Ultimately the Event Manager and their department's Major Area Budget Manager will be responsible for covering expenses for their paid events.

GL Accounts

Users are required to select a GL account when creating a paid event. GL accounts are located on the Accounting tab in the Ticket Type or Schedule Item. The Income Account, Refund Account , and Adjustment Account should be tied to the correct chartstring. Users need to fill out the Fonteva GL Account form if they cannot find their chartstring in the system so Finance can create it for them.


Users should fill out the Fonteva Refund Request form if they need to issue a refund (full or partial). This submission will route to IMC. IMC will send a confirmation when it has been completed.