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Salesforce Reporting

Below are common ways to create and manage Fonteva event reports in Salesforce. If you would like to learn more about Salesforce reporting, then you can take this Salesforce Trailhead.

Cloning an Event Planner Report

  1. Under the Fonteva Events app, click on the Reports tab.
  2. The Reports and Dashboards screen will display existing reports, organized by folder.
    • Note: To create a custom report, click the New Report... button.
  3. Navigate to and click on the PEPP - Event Planner Reports folder.
  4. Select the report that should be cloned.
  5. Click Save As to clone this report.
  6. Enter the new Report Name and the Report Description. Select the Report Folder for this report.
    • Note: This should be the folder used for your specific department.
  7. Click Save & Return to Report.
  8. The Report screen will display the report that was cloned.
  9. Click Customize to add criteria, filters, and fields.

Adding Report Criteria/Filters

  1. In the Show dropdown list, select All attendees (or the appropriate option).
  2. Use the Quick Find tool in the left-side Fields menu to search for specific fields.
  3. To filter your data (or add criteria to the report), simply drag and drop the desired fields into the Filter area.
    • Note: This will limit report data to only those records which meet your criteria.
  4. For event specific reports, add the Event ID field to the Filter area by typing in the Quick Find Event ID.
    • Note: This ID is found in the URL on the Event Record page (i.e. a2n61000000FGbp).
  5. If you'd only like to report on Registered Attendees, add the Status field to the Filter area by typing in the Quick Find Status (under the Attendees folder).
  6. Continue adding filters by repeating these steps until all desired criteria is added.
  7. Click Save.

Adding Fields to a Report

  1. Add Fields to your report by clicking and dragging field names from the Fields pane to the Preview pane.
    • Note: You may also double click on the field name to add it to your report. This will add the new field to the end of your report.
  2. Continue to add fields by either the drag and drop function or the double click feature until all desired fields are added.
  3. Click Save

Removing Fields from a Report

  1. Remove pre-set columns (fields) from Results by clicking and dragging the field name from the Preview pane into the Fields pane on the left.
    • Note: To remove all fields from the report (start from scratch), select Remove All Columns. This will request confirmation before clearing the Preview pane.
  2. Click Save.

Run Report

  1. When filters and field selections are finalized, click Run Report to generate the report.

Export Results

  1. To export the report as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, click Run Report.
  2. Select Export Details.
  3. Choose the desired Export File Format.
  4. Click Export.
  5. To exit the screen, click Done.