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General Information

In 2017, Pepperdine selected Fonteva as the University's event management tool. Fonteva provides event creators with a solution to handle all types of events, including multi-day, multi-session with complex pricing events to a simple event announcement.

Event Intake Form

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) will create events for those who only have a few events per year. Please fill out the Fonteva Event Intake Form to start the event creation process. Staff users will have a chance to review their event registration page before going live.

System Access

If event planners have more than five events a year, then they should fill out the Fonteva Access Application form to start the onboarding process. Training is required before gaining access to the system.


Event planners are required to complete Salesforce and Fonteva training before a user account can be created.

Salesforce Login

IMC will create Salesforce user accounts after training has been completed. Once the user account has been created, event planners should go to and click on the orange login button under the Outreach org to login to Salesforce.


Please contact Marissa Caligiuri by email at for any support questions.

Fonteva also offers a User Guide that lists step-by-step instructions on event creation and management.