In 2017, Pepperdine selected Fonteva as the University's event management tool. Fonteva provides event creators with a solution to handle all types of events, including multi-day, multi-session with complex pricing events to a simple event announcement.  

Event Intake Form

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) will create events for planners who only have a few events per year. To start the process, fill out the Fonteva Event Intake Form. This form is essential in capturing the proper event information in order to create events in Fonteva.


Fonteva users are required to complete Salesforce and Fonteva training before gaining access to the system. To access the Salesforce training modules, visit Pepperdine's trailmix and click the login button located at the top of the page. Be sure to log in with Google+ and fill out the necessary details on the next page. For Fonteva, please create an account by visiting the Customer Success Community. Once an account is created, users will be able to access training videos, groups, help articles, and release notes.

Fonteva Account

After users complete the necessary training, they are required to fill out the Fonteva Access Application form. IMC will then add you as a Salesforce user. Please allow up to one or two business days to complete this request.

Access Permission

All user accounts will be assigned to a role with event creation and reporting access. Profiles and permission sets give users the ability to create, edit, and manage their department's events as well as view all Pepperdine events in Fonteva.


Please visit Fonteva's Customer Success Community to find more information on event functionality, help articles, and user groups. Fonteva also offers a User Guide  that lists step-by-step instructions on event creation and management.