Event Management

Eventbrite has been selected by Pepperdine as the University's new event management tool. Eventbrite provides event creators with a solution to register attendees, build events from templates, and collect event data and reports. By automating the event management processes, Pepperdine staff can focus on strategic decisions rather than repetitive, time-consuming tasks with manual registration.

In 2015, Pepperdine conducted an audit of optional event management tools. Event management review teams included: Integrated Marketing Communications; Events; Church Relations; Alumni; Finance; Information Technology; and PeopleSoft.

Overall criteria in the selection process included:
  • Sustainable financial model
  • Overall event management capability
  • Integration with Salesforce & CRM plan
Other goals for the event management tool selection included:
  • Align communications systems - reduce redundancies
  • Aim for one system of record - data integration
  • Build a bridge to enterprise Salesforce CRM 
  • Address growing customized event requests
  • Empower staff / remove technology barriers


Eventbrite Introductory Training

Event Management Town Hall Session