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Donation Item


Staff users can add an open field text donation item to any ticket using Fonteva Event Builder. 


  1. Go to your event record page.
  2. Click the Event Builder button in Salesforce Classic or Edit button in Salesforce Lightning.
  3. Click the Tickets tab.
  4. Roll-over the Actions button and click the '...' for the ticket to which you wish to add the donation item.
  5. Select Manage Page Items.
  6. Click the +New Package Item button to create a new item.
  7. In the Select Item value, type "Give to Pepperdine!" without the quote. The rest of the fields you should not need to edit.

Fonteva New Package Item

  1. Click the Save button.
  2. Click the white X to exit the Manage Package Items modal window.
  3. Click the event Save button.