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Follow the steps below to add walk-ins to the attendee list.

Creating Attendee Records for Walk-Ins

  1. In the Search Box, [Type] in the name of the Event and hit [Enter].
  2. [Select] the appropriate Event.
  3. [Scroll Down] to the Attendees related list section.
  4. [Click] the New Attendee button.
    • The screen should look like the below. Create New Attendee Record for Walk-Ins
  5. [Enter] the Full Name and Email Address of the Attendee.
  6. [Check] the Walk-In field.
  7. [Check] the Checked In field.
  8. [Select] the Registration Date in the brackets (i.e. 8/17/2018 as shown above).
  9. In the Ticket Type field, [Click] on the Lookup button.
  10. [Select] the appropriate Ticket Type.
    • Note: If a Ticket doesn't appear, [Enter] the name of the Ticket in the pop-up search box.
  11. In the Contact field, [Enter] the Attendee's name and [Click] on the Lookup button.
  12. If there's a Contact in the system, [Click] on the registrant's name to attach it to the Attendee record.
    • Note: Skip steps 11-13 if the Contact already exists.
  13. If the Attendee does not have a Contact in the system, [Click] on the New button.
  14. [Enter] the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address of the New Contact.
  15. [Click] Save to create the New Contact.
  16. [Click] Save to create the New Attendee Record.