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Thank you for interest in the International Programs Resident Advisor application.


The International Programs RA position is an extremely vital one. We take pride in our RAs that serve our global community. The application for the IP RA position is now closed. If you have specific questions about the duties and expectations, please start by reviewing the IPRA job description.


For any additional inquiries, please email Charlie Engelmann, at charlie.engelmann@pepperdine.edu.


Pepperdine University is closely monitoring developments for COVID-19. Learn more about the University's response plans to keep our campus communities safe.

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 How do I apply to be an IP RA?

Please contact the International Programs Office if you are interested in the IP RA role. 

 What is the application deadline?

Please contact the International Programs Office if you are interested in the IP RA role. 

 Do I have to complete an interview for the role?

Following your initial application stage, select candidates will be chosen to complete an interview with IP global staff and faculty-in-residence. For certain candidates, a secondary interview may also be required. We strongly encourage you to review the Virtual RA Interview Best Practices  for tips on how to prepare for a prospective interview. 

 What are the qualifications needed to become an IP RA?

Due to the nature of the RA responsibilities and the expectation that RAs serve as campus leaders and role models, minimum eligibility to be an RA is based on, but not limited to, the requirements listed below:

  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and status as a full-time student throughout the commitment period (cumulative and semester).
  • Must have a signed academic year contract or summer program contract (unless you are applying for DC Fall or DC Spring).
  • Must maintain good conduct standing; cannot be placed on university academic or disciplinary probation.
  • Availability to live in the room designated by the program staff as most advantageous to the program. In most every case you will be able to select your roommate(s) (Buenos Aires excluded).
  • Availability for RA program orientations and trainings, as required.
  • Flexible travel to program: you may be required to depart early for additional training on the same flight as your co-IPRA or you may be required to join the group flight for your program.

 Where can I learn more about the role?

Learn more about becoming an IPRA:

 If I am only going abroad for a semester, can I still become an IP RA?

It is very unlikely that you will be chosen for an IP RA role if you are only going to a program for one semester, UNLESS you are applying for the role in Washington, D.C. for either the Fall or Spring semester.

 If I want to be an IP RA, do I have to attend any sort of orientation or training?

Yes. Traditionally, the IP office hosts a mandatory training for academic year RAs in late July/early August in Malibu. Summer RAs usually have their mandatory training during a weekend date in April.  Due to the unpredictability of the global situation with COVID-19, the format and timing of RA training may be modified.