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How to Sign Your IP Contract


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Learn More About International Programs Updates

Congratulations on being accepted to an International Program!

What Do I Do Next?

To accept this invitation and confirm your commitment to participate in this International Program, you MUST sign your contract. Your contract will be available to sign and submit on the day you received your acceptance notification and must be submitted by the deadline stated in your acceptance notification. If you do not meet the contract deadline, this invitation will be rescinded and your place in the program will be released and no longer available to you.

Before submitting your contract, please do the following things:

Minors, DC+ students and Internship students:

  • If you are an internship student, please note that you have to sign your contract for the Academic Year or Summer AND the internship contract (both on WaveNet).
  • If you are a DC+ student, you will need to sign paper contracts in person. Please come to one of the contract signing sessions or visit our office prior to the contract deadline.
  • If you are a minor, you will need to print the contract, have your parent(s) sign it, and email it back to the IP office at