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  International Programs' COVID-19 Vaccine Policy
  Academic Year 2023-2024 COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

For international programs occurring after May 1, 2023, IP will align its COVID vaccination policy with the prevailing Pepperdine COVID vaccination policy unless circumstances in host countries and/or program related travel locations require otherwise. The University’s COVID-19 vaccination policy requires students to be vaccinated who do not claim an exemption. The university’s exemption process requires students to complete a form via the Student Health Center Patient Portal if they seek an exemption due to medical, religious, or philosophical reasons.

In addition to complying with the University vaccination policy, students applying for programs that begin after May 1, 2023 must comply with host country vaccination requirements, as well as those of countries included in educational field trips/ international study tours and partner organizations if they are more stringent than the university’s policy. As of August 1, 2023, no currently offered programs nor future known programs require vaccination.

Consistent with the University’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, students are directed to submit proof of vaccination (if required by the program) to the Student Health Center (SHC) via the Student Health Portal. Vaccination and booster status will be shared with University officials who have a legitimate need to know this information. This may include faculty or staff in academic or administrative settings, or for contact tracing purposes, etc. Students that submit falsified vaccine records will be reported to the Office of Community Standards. The sanction of falsifying this record may include suspension from the University. 

COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster Availability: please refer to L.A. County’s COVID-19 vaccine website for vaccination appointments and locations.