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Buenos Aires Upper Division Spanish

With the unique opportunity to live with carefully chosen homestay families, students receive the most organic form of cultural immersion. The students will be able to embrace the culture, customs and language of the Argentine people within the comfort of a family unit.

Program Dates

May 8, 2022 - July 1, 2022

Dates above indicate a planned departure date from the US and in-country return departure date.


Tuition: $1,865 per unit (equal to Malibu tuition per unit)

Room & Board: $4,904

Program Specific Costs:

  • Global Health Fee: $168

Required Vital Documents and Deadlines 

Completed IP Document Submission Form including the following documents:

  • Passport Copy: due January 14, 2022
  • Homestay Form: due January 14, 2022
  • Health Clearance Form and Flight Itinerary
    • Programs departing in May 2022: Due March 11, 2022
  • Visa Copy (if applicable for non-U.S. passport holders): April 22, 2022

Course Requirements 

8 unit minimum requirement.

Course Offerings

HUM 296: Enriching the International Experience II (1)

This course is a continuation of HUM 295 for students that study abroad for a full academic year. It is designed to enrich the students’ international experience by providing opportunities to engage more fully with the culture and to reflect more deeply on the experience. It is the goal of this course to help students know how to look at and listen to their new culture and how to give meaning to their international experience. Taught only in International Programs. May be repeated in a different location. Cr/NC grading only.

SPAN 350 Advanced Conversation (4) 

Prerequisite: SPAN 252 or equivalent competency.

A follow-up to the more basic Conversation and Phonetics course. Provides continued conversational practice in a native setting with emphasis on the nuances and vocabulary of the culture in which it is taught. This is a performance and practice course which may be repeated. Only four units can be counted toward the major.

SPAN 380 History and Culture of Latin America (4) 

Prerequisite: SPAN 252 or equivalent competency.

Latin American history and culture from the indigenous civilizations to the present. Students attend lectures, participate in discussions, and do field work in the environs of the country in which they are studying. 

SPAN 440 Latin American Texts (4) 

GE: Literature

Prerequisites: two courses from the SPAN 300, SPAN 341, and SPAN 345 sequence.

A survey style course that highlights key texts, movements, foundational authors, genres, and themes in Latin American culture. 


Ame Cividanes

Dr. Ame Cividanes

Visiting Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, International Studies and Languages Division, Seaver College

Office: PLC 197

Dr. Ame Cividanes received her PhD in Contemporary Spanish Literature from Florida State University and has a secondary specialization in Curriculum Development and Second Language Acquisition.  Professor Cividanes returns to Pepperdine (she taught Spanish here from 1997-2000 and directed our Buenos Aires summer program) as a Visiting Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies.  Prior to her return to Pepperdine, Dr. Cividanes was the Director of the Spanish and Portuguese Language Program at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut and has taught all levels of Spanish language, literature, and culture.

Professor Cividanes’ professional interests include second language teaching methodologies, pedagogy and assessment, 20th century Spanish women writers, and the theory and literature of exile.  Currently, her research focus encompasses post-communicative language teaching methods such as multimodal learning and multiliteracies not only as they relate to the classroom teaching-learning paradigm but also how they can be used in interdisciplinary contexts across the university.

Dr. Cividanes’ commitment to fomenting interculturality at the university level has been a personal and professional passion, and she has over 20 years of experience leading intensive language and culture programs in both Latin America and Spain.  At Yale, she served as both faculty and director of the university’s programs in Bilbao, Spain and Quito, Ecuador.



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