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London Summer Internship

London Tower Bridge

Students who participate in the London Internship Program have the opportunity to gain valuable international professional experience in London while also completing an additional course for credit. Examples of the types of internships available include a focus on fashion, ministry, service, non-profits, publishing, finance, and more. All majors are encouraged to apply. Students will work with the Malibu Office and the London Staff to find an internship that fits with their area of study and interests.

Students will receive 4 units of elective credit for their internship.

Application Process

As part of your International Programs Application in Wavenet, you will be directed to a Supplemental Internship Application Form. Please complete the form along with your application.

If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by the IP Office with a request to schedule an in-person interview (or a virtual interview if you are abroad). You will be asked to send an updated resume no later than 24 hours before the interview. If you are not selected, we will also send you an email to let you know that you are not being considered at this time. Submitting an application does not guarantee an interview.

In addition to the normal International Programs application criteria, your acceptance into an internship program will also take the following things into consideration:

  • Work and internship experience
  • Intercultural experience
  • Personal and professional fit of the internships available

Program Dates

May 6, 2024 - June 29, 2024

Dates above indicate a planned departure date from the US and in-country return departure date.


  • Tuition: $2,070 per unit (same as Malibu tuition per unit)
  • Housing & Food: $5,392
  • Program Specific Costs
    • Visa Fee and Processing: $620
    • Global Health Fee: $200

Course Requirements

8 unit minimum requirement. Students must take either ENG 380 or HIST 390 in May. Students must be enrolled in both IPIN 495 and IPIN 495L in June.

Summer 2024 London Textbook List

Course Offerings


ENG 380 Topics in Literature: Modern Drama (4) 

GE: Literature

Prerequisite: ENG 101 or equivalent

Examines a given topic in literary studies. The course may be focused on a theme, a movement, a historical period, or a genre. May be repeated once when topics vary.

HIST 390 Modern History of the Middle East (4)

GE: World Civilizations

An introductory course which explores the causes underlying the rise of sovereign nation-states in the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the conflicts that have attended modern social, technological, and political change. In addition, particular attention will be paid throughout the course to Islam and its influence over the socio-political history of the Middle East. The basic tenets of Islam and its significance and role will be critically examined. Generally, the course will strike a balance between chronological and thematic/ analytical approaches.


IPIN 495 International Programs Internship (1) 

A supervised academic internship in a student’s area of interest overseas in an international program. Internships may be with a non-profit, government agency, political, religious, educational, business or humanitarian organization. The student is required to maintain a regular schedule of on-duty hours each week and attend the internship seminar. Offered only in International Programs.

IPIN 495L International Programs Internship II (3) 

Designed to accompany IPIN 495 in cases where a student seeks additional internship units. Offered only in International Programs. To be taken concurrently with IPIN 495. Cr/NC grading only.



Dr. Lauren Amaro

Dr. Lauren Amaro

Associate Professor of Communication
Communication Division, Seaver College

Lauren Amaro is an Associate Professor of Communication at Seaver College and teaches health and family communication, conflict management, quantitative research methods, and statistics. She received her Ph.D. at Arizona State University and has taught at Pepperdine since 2014. Lauren and her husband, Carlos, have two kids, Caleb (10) and Naomi (7). They live in Camarillo with their pointer/ bird dog, Critter, and a small flock of chickens that Critter desperately wants to chase and eat (and sometimes does). The Amaros love hiking, camping, and adventure and plan to trek all over London and the British Isles. A literature and tea enthusiast, Dr. Amaro is also very excited about visiting the British Library and sipping tea as often as possible with students. 

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