Buenos Aires

Program Staff

Travis Hill-Weber

Travis Hill-Weber       




Maria "Tati" Constanza Guerrini

Assistant Director



Susi Battisti

Associate Director



Maria Schwartz

Program Assistant












Katia Aguilera 

Bookkeeper/Finance Coordinator


Faculty in Residence 2020-2021

Dr. Darlene Rivas

Professor of History, Humanities/Teacher Education Division, Seaver College

Office Location: CAC 207

Office Hours: by appointment

Darlene Rivas has been a professor of History and Latin American studies at Pepperdine for 23 years. Recently, she's been integrating role-playing games that bring history to life in all its complexity while helping students build real-life skills. She and her husband Mike love to work closely with Pepperdine students and have recently participated in the Lausanne program. They are eager to return to Buenos Aires, where they served in the summer of 1996 before Pepperdine had a full year program there, and where they spent a brief Fulbright stint in 2007. In those relatively short experiences in Argentina, the Rivases amassed some incredible memories (oh, the stories they can tell) and met amazing people, and they look forward to more time to explore this great city and beautiful country. Mike's dreams in particular include visions of sizzling meat on the parilla and stacks of empanadas.

Faculty in Residence 2021-2022

More information will be available soon. 





Updated: 7.06.2020