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Program Staff

Travis Hill-Weber

Travis A. Hill-Weber       




Maria "Tati" Constanza Guerrini

Assistant Director



Susi Battisti

Associate Director


Katia Aguilera

Bookkeeper/Finance Coordinator



Faculty-in-Residence 2021-2022

Stephen Davis

Spring 2022

Dr. Stephen Davis 

Distinguished Professor of Biology, Natural Science Division, Seaver College

Office: RAC 119

Stephen Davis is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biology at Pepperdine University. He has served as coordinator of Pepperdine's Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Biology and the First-Year Students as Scholars Program in Biology. He has been selected as Teacher of the Year, as a Harriet and Charles Luckman Distinguished Teaching Fellow, and for the Howard A. White Award for Teaching Excellence, all at Pepperdine University. Also through national competition, he has been a recipient of the Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching at Baylor University. Dr. Davis's distinctive approach to teaching has been to facilitate student scholarship through the completion of research projects, the writing of Honors Theses, and supporting students communicating their scholarly findings at regional and national scientific conferences as well as through final student publication of their work in refereed, scientific journals. Dr. Davis has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University, UCLA, University of Utah, and Baylor University. He and his wife Janet have served as visiting faculty at Pepperdine's International Programs in London (1989-90, 2011-12), Heidelberg (1999-2000), and Buenos Aires (2019-2020). Dr. Davis and his colleagues have received numerous grants to support the Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Biology (SURB) at Pepperdine University, with nearly continuous funding from the National Science Foundation for over 30 years. His research specialty is the physiological ecology of plants with a focus on chaparral, coastal sage scrub, and ferns, investigating their adaptations to wildfire, drought, freezing, and fungal disease in response to California's changing climate. Dr. Davis has taught the following courses in recent years: Plants and the Environment, Plant Physiological Ecology, Environmental Policy and Politics, Biology of Plants, Microbes and Infectious Disease, Microbiology, Marine Environment.

Faculty-in-Residence 2022-2023

Faculty in Residence Dr. Cindy Miller-Perrin

Faculty in Residence Dr. Robin Perrin

Dr. Cindy L. Miller-Perrin

Distinguished Professor of Psychology

Office: APC 249

Dr. Cindy Miller-Perrin is a clinical psychologist and Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University.  Dr. Miller-Perrin enjoys teaching introductory psychology, developmental psychology, child clinical psychology, advanced research seminar, and positive psychology.  Dr. Miller-Perrin has authored a number of books and numerous journal articles covering a range of topics, including child maltreatment, family violence, interventions to reduce physical punishment of children, positive psychology, vocation and life purpose, and faith development in college students.  She is a HUGE fan of Pepperdine’s international programs because of their life changing impact on students.  This will be her eighth time serving as visiting faculty having served previously three times in Florence, twice in Heidelberg, once in Buenos Aires, and once in the east Africa program.  She is married to Robin Perrin, a sociology professor here at Pepperdine, and they enjoy traveling, hiking, camping, and backpacking.


Dr. Robin D. Perrin

Professor of Sociology

Office: AC 234

Robin Perrin is Professor of Sociology and teaches classes on Deviant Behavior and Social Control, Sociology of Religion, and Sociology of Family. He, along with his wife Cindy Miller-Perrin (also a Pepperdine professor) are Pepperdine alumni as well as Heidelberg alumni. Together, the Perrins have been the visiting Faculty Family eight times in their 30 years at Pepperdine (including Heidelberg, Florence, Buenos Aires, East Africa). The Perrins are returning to Buenos Aires for the second time, and are drawn to the City itself, as well the people of Argentina. In addition, as outdoor enthusiasts, they are looking forward to spending extended time in Patagonia.


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