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Faculty in Residence 2021-2022

Darlene Rivas

Phillip "Matt" Joyner

Fall 2021

Dr. Darlene Rivas

Professor of History, Humanities/Teacher Education Division, Seaver College

Office: CAC 207

Darlene Rivas is Professor of History and Latin American studies and received her PhD at Vanderbilt University. Her work focuses on U.S. foreign relations and transnational social and political movements in the context of Twentieth Century political culture.  Fascinated by life stories, she often integrates biographical approaches and role-playing simulations in her courses and is currently working on a game on the French Resistance. She and her husband Mike have participated in the Lausanne and Buenos Aires programs and greatly enjoy living and learning with Pepperdine students abroad.  They love to travel!  But, they also find joy in staying "home” when they are abroad by exploring their new surroundings, finding favorite spots, and getting to know their new city.  They look forward to experiencing the city of Heidelberg and German culture (which they hope includes lots of Schnitzel and Kaffee und Kuchen).

Spring 2022

Dr. Phillip "Matt" Joyner

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Natural Science Division, Seaver College

Office: RAC 122

Matt Joyner is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Seaver College. He teaches biochemistry courses and has been a faculty member at Seaver College since 2011. Matt enjoys reading and learning about science, history, and philosophy and is always looking for a new adventure. He and his wife, Brittany, enjoy traveling and are looking forward to experiencing Heidelberg with their students.


Faculty in Residence 2022-2023

Timothy Willis

Dr. Timothy "Tim" Willis

Professor of Religion, Religion and Philosophy Division, Seaver College

Office: AC211

Tim Willis is a professor of religion at Seaver College. He has taught REL 101 and other (mostly) Old Testament classes at Pepperdine for more than 30 years. Tim and his wife, Jan, have served in Heidelberg on three occasions (1994-95, 2002-2003 and the Fall 2017 term), one year in Florence (2006-07) and a few summer programs. Their two sons both returned to Heidelberg when they went to Pepperdine. Tim and Jan absolutely love Heidelberg and watching it change from summer to fall to winter to spring. They can’t wait to explore the Hauptstrasse and the broader area on foot and by bike again, and then hop a train on the weekends to visit cities large and small all over Germany and in other parts of Europe. Most of all, they love that they get to live in Moore Haus again and share the special experience with all of you.


Updated: 8.16.2021

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