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You are hired for an on-campus job! Now what?

 Student Employees


Congratulations on your new position as a student employee at Pepperdine University! We are happy to welcome you to the dynamic team of student employees working on campus at Pepperdine.

 What You Need to Do Once You Have Been Hired

  1. If you are a first time student employee, you will be required to complete necessary on-boarding paperwork prior to your first day of work. Your supervisor and/or hiring manager must complete the following form on your behalf: On-Boarding Paperwork Appointment Request
  2. Once your supervisor/hiring manager completes the request form above, our team will send out communication to you via email with next steps.  You will be asked to complete Section 1 of the Form I-9 electronically, as well as submit documentation that shows proof of your identity and proof of eligibility to work in the US.  See # 3 below.
  3. You will eventually be asked to bring with you for your I-9 appointment: original, unexpired document(s) with you to complete your paperwork; you can bring one selection from List A or one selection from List B along with one selection from List C. Here is the list of Acceptable Documents for Form I-9.  If you are completing the Form I-9 remotely, an adult over the age of 18 must be present in your household to confirm your identity.
  4. Once your I-9 is completed, you will receive further instructions on completing a Form W-4, Confidentiality Security Agreement, Computer Network Use Agreement, and a background screening (if required).
  5. Both yourself and your supervisor will receive an email confirming that your hire may be entered into our system and you may begin working at that time. You MAY NOT begin working until you have received this confirmation email from our office.
  6. Please be sure to: Review Your Health Insurance Coverage Options
  7. You will receive an email with information on how to report your work hours and how to set-up direct deposit. You can also read the following steps for setting up direct-deposit and for reporting worked hours.
  8. Bi-weekly payroll schedule

Reporting Hours: please go to the following link to learn more about Kronos, our web-based time and attendance system: Kronos Student User Guide

 Form I-9 and Employment Paperwork Hours

All student I-9's will be completed by appointment. Your hiring manager/supervisor will need to complete a form called the "Onboarding New Student Employee Paperwork Request" to submit information about your hire.  Once we receive this request from the student employee's supervisor, then the student will be sent information about completing employment paperwork before they can begin their first shift/job assignment.  


 Direct Deposit Set Up

We strongly encourage student employees to set up direct deposit as a form of payment. Benefits of signing up for direct deposit:

  • Quick - Your money is electronically transferred to your account and is available on the date expected. With Direct Deposit your money is ready to use on payday.
  • Safe - Direct Deposit puts money in your account on time, every time. There is nothing to get lost or delayed in the mail.
  • Easy - Easy to set up
  • Secure - Worries about lost, stolen or misplaced checks are virtually eliminated. Your pay is deposited even if you're on vacation, sick or out of town.
  • Help the Environment - As a bonus, you'll be a partner in helping to reduce the negative impact on the planet.

Direct Deposit set up/edit Instructions:

  1. Log on to WaveNet

  2. On the top of the WaveNet homepage, click on the “Employee” tab

  3. Click on “Employee Self Service”

  4. A new tab should open on your browser.  Under this new tab, click on “Payroll”

  5. Click on the “Direct Deposit” icon

  6. To add a new account click the “+” button.

  7. Under “Nickname”, please create a nickname for the particular account that you are adding.  For example, “My Bank of America Checking Account” or “My Chase Savings”

  8. Under “Payment Method”, please make sure that “Direct Deposit” is selected

  9. Type in your routing number and account number (NOTE: your routing number and account number are NOT the numbers on your debit card/ATM card.  This is a common mistake made by many individuals.  Please make sure that you get the correct numbers for your bank.) These numbers can be found in your banking app or on paper checks

  10. For Account Type, select if the account is a “Checking” or “Savings” account

  11. For “Deposit Type”, put down “Remaining Balance”

Click “Submit"

Note: if you are making changes/edits to your direct deposit information, please note that the site allows only 1 edit per day for security purposes. 


 How to Update Your Home Address for Tax Purposes

**Please note, if you were recently hired for the first time, it can take up to 48 hours for you to have access to the Employee Tab in WaveNet**

  1. Log into Wavenet on a computer
  2. Go to the Employee Tab
  3. Click Employee Self Service
  4. Click on the Personal Information Tile
  5. Select "Home and Mailing Address" from the left side panel
  6. Edit your Home Address to reflect the current address at which you are living
  7. SAVE your changes

Please email with any questions.

Background Screenings

In an effort to maintain the highest quality and standards within student employment, the Pepperdine Student Employment Office requires background screenings (i.e., criminal background screening, Social Security Number & Trace, and National Sex Offender Registry) for all student employees during their employment at the University. Continued student employment is contingent upon successful completion of the background screening. Student employees with criminal histories will be considered for continued employment in compliance with all applicable laws.

Participation in the background screening process comes at no cost to the student or department and will be conducted through HireRight, the University's select vendor for these services.