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Student Compensation

The student compensation system at Pepperdine is based both on the level of responsibility of the position and students' experience in the position. Pay increases are based on the criteria established by each departments and individual job performance.

Effective on July 1st, 2023, the minimum wage in Los Angeles County increased to $16.04 per hour. To comply with this new city statute, a new student pay scale has been approved and went into effect as of June 19, 2023. 

Current pay levels and ranges:

Level 1: These positions include all regular office and customer service duties (desk monitoring, answering phones, filing, word processing, greeting customers or clients, processing payments, assisting with department events, etc.) Most on-campus positions fall in this category. (Range: $16.90-$18.15)

Level 2: These positions are differentiated from Level 1 positions. They typically require 1-2 of the special criteria listed below in addition to Level 1 duties. (Range: $17.15-$18.40)

Level 3: These positions are differentiated from Level 1 and Level 2 positions. They typically require 3-4 of the special criteria listed below in addition to Level 1 duties. (Range: $17.40-$18.65)

Level 4: These positions require a college degree, special certifications, or a highly specialized skill held by a very small percentage of the student body. (Range: $17.65-$18.90)

Special Criteria with Level 4:
  • Position is responsible for leading or supervising other students.
  • Position requires responsibility for a project or program with minimal staff supervision. (Student employee uses independent judgment to make decisions related to the project or program.)
  • Position requires a high level of confidentiality. (I.e., student employee works with University information systems having access to private and confidential information.)
  • Position has a direct and significant impact on the community, alumni or other friends of the University.