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Departmental Jobs

Departmental positions are on-campus jobs that are paid from the department's budget. Students may be hired directly by using the department's student salary budget. This method of hire is available to all currently enrolled students regardless of their financial need.

Student Employee working on campus

How to Search for Jobs:

  1. Login to your Wavenet homepage
  2. Click on Student Services, which is located on the top-left of your Wavenet homepage
  3. Click on Handshake
  4. You will be directed to the Handshake website
  5. Click on Jobs
  6. For Job Type, select On-campus Student Employment to see all current postings for on-campus student employment.
  7. For Off-campus student employment, seek out part-time jobs with the tags "off-campus student employment."
  8. Click Search
  9. Look through each job posting to see if you are interested. Follow the instructions for each job posting and apply as instructed. Note that there may be different document requirements for each position.

Can a student work more than one job on-campus?

Yes, students can work more than one position on-campus at Pepperdine.  IMPORTANT: Students cannot work more than 20 hours per week during the school year and no more than 29 hours per week when classes are not in session.  For example, during the school year a student can work 5 hours a week in the Payson Library, 10 hours a week with Athletics Office, and 5 hours a week in the Weisman Museum (which is a total of 20 hours a week.)