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Pepperdine GROW®

Welcome to Pepperdine GROW® (Guided Reflection on Work), a new student employment engagement initiative designed to support the learning of all student employees. We are honored to implement this nationally recognized model in which supervisors and student employees engage in brief, intentional, reflective conversations with one another, providing students an opportunity to consider connections between their campus employment, career goals, and academic experience.

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We believe that when put into practice, Pepperdine GROW® reflects the mission of the University as well as the mission of Student Employment at Pepperdine. We invite you to learn more about Pepperdine GROW® and how implementing this program can lead to conversations where students see the value of their work and academics and where students are strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.

Purpose and Vision

  • To advocate for student employment as an educational experience

  • To enhance student learning in the workplace by providing opportunities for reflection and professional development

  • To support and engage supervisors of student employees in their role as mentors and teachers of students

  • To focus on student employee growth in addition to the well-being of the student in their work position

Pepperdine GROW® conversations are sensitive to the student's employment context, vary in setting and style and are flexible: some conversations may occur one-on-one, while others may take place in small groups. All Pepperdine GROW® interactions are neutral and non-evaluative, creating space for students to reflect on their learning in the workplace and how that relates to their college experiences and career goals. Neutral conversations allow students to freely discuss their skills and goals with their supervisor. In this way, the student's learning, not their job performance becomes the focus of the conversation.


Pepperdine GROW® is a program for supervisors and their student employees and can be easily accessed and implemented by supervisors. It partners student employees with their supervisors to ensure open communication in their department. Through one on one meetings, supervisors and students can work towards the goals of the student employee. This is a free program and the time on your end is minimal – you promise to meet with student employees at least twice per semester – focusing on student-selected skills to improve.

Resources for Supervisors

  Who can participate?


  What are my requirements?
  Why should I participate?
  How intensive is this program?
  Will Student Employment assist me with this?
  How should I prepare for the conversation?
  How do I have the conversation?
  What if I oversee a lot of student employees?
  What if I meet with the same student multiple times?
  What if my student discloses a problem to me?

(®The University of Iowa, Used with the permission of The University of Iowa. The Pepperdine GROW® model was adapted and used with permission from The University of Iowa's Iowa GROW® program with the goal to make student employment a high-impact practice through intentional interaction and reflection. All Pepperdine GROW® conversations provide a space for students to reflect on their work experience with the guidance of their supervisor. The following questions are often used to guide Pepperdine GROW® conversations.)