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Federal Work-Study Calculator


The Work Study Calculator allows for students to calculate the number of allowable hours they can work per week in order to utilize all of their work study funds during a set period of time. The calculator was built as an aid for student employees who hold only ONE position. Students who work more than one job should calculate their hours using the formulas given below.

Average hours per week available:

Total hours available to work:


Please Note: The work study calculator is only an estimate of your available hours to work. Any changes made throughout the year to your award total, hourly rate, overtime rate, or other changes will affect your overall available hours to work.

The work-study calculator utilizes the following formulas to determine the average number of hours per week the student can work by the following formula:

Work Study Award $ ÷ Hourly Pay Rate = Total hours available to work.

Total hours available to work ÷ the # of weeks from the bi-weekly pay schedule = Average hours per week

After determining the number of allowable hours per week, a work schedule can be established between the supervisor and the student. The department and the student share the responsibility in monitoring the earnings. The SEO will notify employers when the student is within $500.00 of the award limit. To monitor the student’s allocation from pay period to pay period, deduct the gross amount paid from the total allocation awarded.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify managers of changes to employment. If the student accepts additional job assignments that utilize the work study award, it will reduce the available funds to each department.

When the student has reached their award limit, he/she will be terminated from the work study position. The student will be transferred to departmental funding at 100% if the Student Employment Office received authorization to do so by the hiring department. During the year the student’s award may change. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the hiring department of any changes.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Student Employment Office.