Hiring International Students


Process for Hiring International Students:

(assuming the student is F-1 Visa status)


  1. Student is offered a position
  2. Student accepts the position
  3. Supervisor must contact the Student Employment Office (SEO) and provide the following information via email to student.employment@pepperdine.edu:
    • Student employee full legal name
    • Student employee's campus-wide ID number
    • Student's start date of employment
    • Expected job end date
    • Department name
    • Hours/week student will work (remember, students cannot work more than 20 hours a week for all jobs on campus)
    • Student's Position Title
    • One sentence describing the duties of the student employee position
    • Supervisor's contact information (telephone number and email address)
    • Location of the office (Malibu, Encino, Irvine, etc.)
    • SUBJECT LINE of Email: Employment Letter Request for the SSA
  4. SEO will issue a sponsor letter of employment offer for the Social Security Administration Office
  5. Student WAITS to receive an email from our office.  The email will notify the student when they can pick up the above signed letter from the SEO.
  6. Student needs to make an appointment with the Office of International Student Services (OISS) to get a letter verifying their school enrollment status.  Please allow 1 business day for this to be processed.
  7. Student visits the Social Security Administration Office (SSA) with the following documents:
    • Letter from SEO
    • Letter from OISS
    • Passport
    • I-94 (inside their passport) or can be found online
    • Form I-20
  8. Once student visits the SSA, the SSA will issue a letter of receipt of application for Social Security. 
  9. Student needs to visit SEO to complete the Form I-9.  Student will need to bring the following to complete the Form I-9:
    • Letter of receipt from SSA
    • Passport
    • I-94
    • Form I-20
  10. After student completes Form I-9, student must make an appointment to go see Patty Culley in the Payroll Office to complete additional tax paperwork
  11. You can hire the student in the Student Hire Module.  Please visit the Student Hire Module how-to video to see the step-by-step guide.
  12. Process complete