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Job Postings

All available on-campus positions are posted on our job posting platform called Handshake.  Open positions must be posted on Handshake for at least 5 full days.  All Pepperdine students have access to Handshake and use it to search for student employment positions. 

Best Practices for Posting a Position:

  1. Create a job description with the following information:

    1. Description of Job (be sure to include/week you expect students to work)

    2. Qualifications

    3. Pay rate/hour

    4. Is Job for Federal Work-Study, Pepperdine Work Program, or Department Pay?

    5. Contact information

    6. The chartstrings / chartfield of where the student employee's salary will be sourced 
    7. Once you have the information above, please complete and submit the on-campus job description form through Etrieve.  This completed form will then be sent to your area budget manager for approval, then to our office for final approval.  
  2. Once we receive your -campus job description form, Student Employment will then post your position on the Handshake site to advertise your department's job openings.  We set up the position on Handshake to where you should receive applicant information (such as their resumes) to your email as they apply to the specific job.

  3. We encourage departments to communicate with each applicant with whether they advance to an interview or not; please interview applicants whom you are interested in to determine if applicants are a good fit for your department. This will also give students the opportunity to practice their job interview skills.

  4. Once you have selected student employees, send job offer either via email or telephone to each candidate.  Be sure to follow-up with students who were not selected. Example of a Regret Email.

  5. Send your final applicant a formal offer by email and/or phone.

  6. Expire your position on Handshake once the position has been filled (this must be completed after the position has been listed for at least 5 full days).  Please email us at to do so.