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OnCampus Job
OnCampus Job

Over 1,800 Pepperdine students work over the course of an academic year (the academic year includes the fall and spring semester). Some students work consistently through the Fall and Spring semester, averaging between eight and twelve hours a week. Other students work periodically and have secured jobs that allow them great flexibility in their work schedules.

Students at Pepperdine are offered various opportunities to work on and off-campus. Students employed in on-campus jobs may work in an office, shelve books in the library, hold a position as a research assistant or a teaching assistant for faculty members, serve as a campus public safety officer, etc. Off-campus work is equally full of various job opportunities. Off-campus positions offer a powerful way for students to connect with the local community through babysitting, tutoring, driving, or serving as a special assistant.

The Student Employment Office strongly advocates and encourages students to take the opportunity to work on-campus and/or off-campus to gain worthwhile job experience. Not only is this a great way to add job experience onto a resume, having a job also means earning extra income while studying in college.

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