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Copy Materials from Another Class Site in Courses

Follow these instructions to copy course materials from one course site to another course site in Courses.

TIP: Be sure you first enable the same tools from your old site in your new site. You may not see content to copy if you have not added the tools.


  1. Click the tab for your new course. (Do not go to the old course site.)
  2. Click Site Info Tool  in the tools menu.
    site info tool 
  3. Click Import From Site.
    import from site
  4. Select the best option:
    • "I would like to replace my data." - Be careful! This will overwrite all information in the current site and replace it with the information from the selected site. If you want to copy gradebook items, this is the choice. However, be sure you are in the correct site! Also, be sure you haven't added anything into the current site yet since it will be overwritten. If you erase the existing site contents, that action is permanent and cannot be undone.
    • "I would like to merge my data." - Recommended! This simply copies information from a previous site into your new site. It does not overwrite any content you have already added into your new site. This choice is recommended in most cases.
    • "I would like to merge my user(s)." - Be careful! This option only copies users and only those users that have been manually added into a previous class site.  NOTE: This process will not copy roster-provided users. For official class sites, see how to merge or combine course sections into your site.
      import site options
  5. Choose a past course site to copy materials from and click Continue.
  6. Select the desired tools that contain the content you wish to copy. If you do not see a tool, look at your left menu. Remember, you must first enable the tool in your new site before you can import materials into it.
  7. Click Finish.