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Mail Forwarding

Student Forwarding

Students leaving the campus for the summer, on an international program, the Washington D.C. program, graduating, or withdrawing need to fill out a Mail Forwarding Form to continue receiving their mail.

Forwarding addresses must be to an address within the United States. Please submit signed and completed forms at the Tyler Campus Center (TCC) Student Mailboxes in Mail Services.

In the case of permanent leaves, Mail Services will forward mail for up to three (3) months after the start date indicated on the form. Students should not submit a mail forwarding form when moving from on-campus to off-campus housing while attending Pepperdine University.


Please note that Mail Services does not set up mail forwarding for departments.

It is the former department's responsibility to prepare mail that needs to be forwarded to an employee who is working in a new department. If the individual is no longer with the University, only First Class and Priority Mail may be forwarded without payment of additional postage. To forward mail, readdress it and write "forward" on it. It is not necessary to repackage the item.