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Terms of Service

Our Promise

Transit Services will determine the best vehicle for your rental based on purpose and duration of use, travel distance, and availability.

In addition to regular maintenance, Transit Services promises to inspect all vehicles before renting them out for departmental use. If any part of the vehicle is determined to be in an unsatisfactory condition, corrective action will be taken or a reasonable substitution will be made to ensure a safe trip.

Vehicle Check-Out

After a reservation has been confirmed and before the time of the rental, a representative of the rental party may pick up the vehicle keys at the Transit Office. In addition, you will receive a clipboard with a vehicle log sheet for the rental party's driver to complete.

As part of serving you, we ensure that all Transit Services vehicles have full gas tanks before you pick-up your requested vehicle(s).

Returning Vehicles

  1. As part of our terms of rental service, drivers will be provided a vehicle log sheet and are expected to complete all the information including start and end mileage on the log before returning the vehicle. Completed log sheets, the accompanying clipboard, and vehicle keys should all be promptly returned to the Transit Services office.
  2. All vehicles are expected to be returned to Transit Services in the same condition in which they were received. Please inspect the vehicle for trash, food particles or containers, and forgotten personal articles prior to returning it to Transit Services. In the event that a vehicle is not returned in the same condition, the renting department will be charged for any resulting damage.
  3. If a rented Transit Services vehicle is returned damaged and a repair is necessary, your department may be charged for the deductible of the insurance on that vehicle. Insurance on our vehicles is valid in the Continental U.S. and Canada.

Additional Policies

  1. In order to provide aid in the event of mechanical breakdowns, all vehicles will need to remain within a 100-mile radius of the Malibu Campus. Special arrangements or exceptions to this policy will be evaluated on an "as needed" basis. Our vehicles may not go out of state lines.
  2. Drivers are responsible for all law enforcement citations issued while they are operating any of our vehicles. Transit Services is not responsible for parking or moving violations committed by a driver provided by a rental party.
  3. If a reservation is canceled without advance notification and Transit Services is providing the driver(s), the renting department will be charged the amount of the original time requested for both the vehicle and the driver.

Safety and Convenience

Under California State Law, the driver of the vehicle is responsible for checking the condition before operating it even in cases when the driver of the vehicle is provided by another party. A standard vehicle inspection is required and a checklist is provided by Transit Services with the Vehicle Check-Out Record. All Transit Services passenger vehicles are equipped with emergency reflectors, a fire extinguisher, and a first-aid kit.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown or difficulties with the assigned vehicle during normal business hours, the rental party may call the Automotive Services at 310.506.6303. If a problem occurs after business hours, the rental party may call Public Safety at 310.506.4700. We will make every attempt possible to provide assistance.

Off-campus accidents should be immediately reported to the local police and California Highway Patrol. If an accident takes place on-campus, a report should be filled as soon as possible with the Department of Public Safety. This report is necessary no matter how minor the accident. The Transit Services office should also be immediately notified in the event of an accident.