Check-In Procedures

To stay updated, please visit our Housing Information During COVID-19 page. 

May I check-in early?

Student residents are not allowed to check-in early or drop off any of their belongings before the assigned check-in time.

Can I have help moving in? Will guests be allowed?

Students will be allowed up to two additional people to help them move into their residence hall; we ask that any additional guests remain outdoors. All people accessing campus to help move a student in will be required to wear face coverings for the duration of their time on campus. At this point, L.A. County health guidance suggests restricting guest access. As such, after parents move their students into residence halls, based on current guidance, guests will no longer be allowed in the residence halls, suites, and apartments.

The housing office will work with the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to grant you gate access for your move-in. Please be sure to communicate appropriately with our office which day you plan to move in.

How do I enter my room? Where do I find my PIN?

Present your Student ID Card to the card reader above the doorknob and enter your four-digit PIN code. If you do not know your PIN, please log in to Wavenet and click on the "Student Services" drop-down menu. "ID Card PIN Lookup" is the last item on the menu.

Can I send packages before I arrive?

Belongings can be shipped to Pepperdine University Mail Services up to 30 days before your arrival. Mail Services will not deliver shipped items. All belongings must be picked up at Mail Services during regular business hours. We encourage you to bring essentials with you in case you are not able to visit the mail services office on the day of your arrival.

Your shipping address:
[Your Full Name]
Pepperdine University
24255 Pacific Coast Highway #[Your Box Number]
Malibu, CA 90263-[Box Number]