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TV and Internet

Does my campus housing come with a TV?

All suite-style houses have TVs located in the main lobby. Each suite has its own common room, but a TV is not provided in this space. Apartments do not include TVs with the exception of Drescher W Block and George Page Law Housing. Coordinate with your suite-mates and roommate(s) before arrival to decide whether a TV is desired in the common room or shared bedroom. 

How do I connect to the Internet on campus?

All Pepperdine faculty, staff, students, and visitors must register their computer or mobile device before accessing the Internet on a Pepperdine campus. The WavesConnect computer registration system manages access to the University's wired and wireless networks. This registration system associates your computing devices (laptop, desktop, phone, or other device) with your official Pepperdine University NetworkID. In the case of campus visitors, it associates the device with their name and phone, but provides access to the Internet via Web or common VPN technologies only.

For WiFi troubleshooting issues, contact Pepperdine Information Technology.

How should I set up my electronics? Are there any cables I should bring to campus?

All extension cords and power strips should have surge protectors. Please keep in mind that some appliances draw a lot of electricity (e.g., mini-fridges and microwaves). To avoid overloading the circuit, do not try to plug too much into a single surge protector.