Eventbrite - Check-In Process

All Eventbrite planners or supervisors must check-in attendees by marking the appropriate attendee status within seven days of the event date to ensure that the University accurately reports event engagement and to better project future event participation.

Check-in Options

There are several ways to manage the check-in process during your event.

  • Mobile App

Eventbrite recommends their mobile app (Eventbrite Organizer) for quick and easy check-ins.

    1. Download the Eventbrite Organizer app for iOS and Android devices.
    2. After downloading Eventbrite Organizer, log in using your Eventbrite credentials.
    3. Tap your event from the "Select Event" screen.
    4. From your "Dashboard," tap on the "Check In" tab.
    5. Scroll through the list of attendees, or search by first or last name.
    6. Swipe to check attendees in and out of the event.
      • Swipe right to check an attendee in.
      • Swipe left to mark unattended.
    7. Alternatively, you can scan barcodes/QR codes for entry.
      1. From your "Dashboard," tap on the "Check In" tab.
      2. Tap "Scan."
      3. Use your camera on your device to scan barcodes/QR codes on tickets.
      4. A green checkmark will appear when the attendee is successfully checked-in.
  • Print a Check-in Sheet

Sort and print a check-in list when checking in attendees on the day of your event.

    1. Go to your Manage page.
    2. From your options menu, go to "Guest List," under Manage Attendees.
    3. Sort your check-in sheet by first name, last name, or ticket type.
    4. Select the ticket types to include in the guest list.
    5. Check the box next to "Include barcode on guest list for scanners" to add a barcode next to each attendee's name on the guest list.
      • You can use the app to scan barcodes.
    6. Choose "Download list as PDF."
    7. Print your check-in sheet to use at the entrance to your event.
  • Use a Laptop

Check-in attendees right from your laptop (as long as your venue has internet connection).

    1. Go to your Manage page.
    2. Go to "Check In," under Manage Attendees.
    3. Find the attendee/order.
    4. Scroll through the list of attendees, or search by name or email address.
    5. You can also sort your attendee check-in list how you want by selecting the column headers.
    6. Select the check icon under "Status" to check-in attendees.
  • Create Name Badges

You can also print attendee name badges through Eventbrite, and whatever badges are
left after the event are the ones who did not attend. Name badges would work best for conferences and networking events.

    1. Go to your Manage page.
    2. Go to "Name Badges," under Manage Attendees.
    3. Select the attendees for whom you want to print badges.
    4. Sort your name badges by first name, last name, email address, or company
    5. Select the badge style.
    6. Customize the layout for the name badge.
    7. Select "Generate Badges."
    8. A PDF file will generate for you to open and print onto Avery badge labels.