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Web Features



Image Options

Image widths should align with the site grid system. Suggested heights are given for universal standards, but can be custom cropped as needed. See also how to upload and edit images in Modern Campus CMS.


Navigation edits are managed centrally by the IMC web team and requests can be submitted through the Navigation Request form.

If working on multiple navigation and URL changes within your site, please fill out the IMC project request form.



Snippet Options

Snippets are pre-formatted HTML content (e.g., tables, forms, image with caption) that users can select via the WYSIWYG Editor, insert on a page, and edit as needed. These are essentially miniature templates that users can pick and choose to customize a page.


Widget Options

Widgets are most useful if you have information to be included on multiple pages. Users can make a widget once and then place it on multiple pages using page Properties.


Asset Options

Assets allow for the creation and use of reusable content such as text, images, media, code blocks, managed forms, image galleries, polls, and more. The creation and management of assets are integrated into the permission system and administrators can restrict the editing of assets through group access.

Source Code Asset icon

Source Code Asset
(custom development request)




Request for Information (RFI) forms are maintained by IMC. Please submit a project request for form creation and modifications.