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Web Templates and Layouts


Page Template Options



Homepages are custom templates that are highly visible and unique to each site. Please submit a project request to IMC to request any edits and modifications.



Standard Page icon

Standard Page

Regular one-column or two-column templates.


Blog Post icon

Blog Page

Isolated template for blogs. No side navigation, but includes the main feed and a right sidebar with tags, recent posts, and other items available. A project request must be submitted and approved to receive a blog.


Announcement Page icon

Community Announcement

A page template for community and department news and announcments. Announcments have the option to be sent into the Pepperdine Today emails that go out to faculty, staff, and students. They also get populated in the announcment areas accross the Pepperdine Community Website.


News Page icon

Newsroom Article

A template for news articles. News articles from this template also get populated in news feed listings.


Faculty Page icon

Faculty Profile Page

Unique template for faculty profiles. All faculty pages also auto generate a listing into their school's main faculty directory.


Program Page icon

Program Page

A specially designed template to accomidate the unique structures of program information. Designed primarily for the prospective student audience. For new program page requests submit an IMC project request.


Marketing Page icon

Marketing Page

Isolated template for tracked paid and non-paid marketing efforts. No navigation or other links outside of dedicated marketing funnel actions are present. These pages usually contain a RFI form to track and collect information. Request a marketing page with an IMC project request.