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Web Editing Access and Training



Requesting Editing Access

New Editors

For new users, please have them complete the Omni CMS Access Request Form (formerly OU Campus). The form collects the information we need to enroll them in the Web Accessibility Training course and add them as a user in Omni CMS. New requests must filled out by the person requesting access. Once we get their submission and notice of passing the accessibility course, we will grant them access to Omni CMS and send them an introductory email that contains all the self-training resources on how to edit webpages.

Existing Editors

If you an existing web editor in Omni CMS and have changed roles or need access to another area of the site, please contact Kimberly Robison directly via email and specify what pages/URLs you need access to edit.



Web Editing Guides for Omni CMS



Other Training Guides