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Washington DC Changemaker Leadership Lab

Students in this program will have a unique opportunity to learn how to make a substantive change in the world while serving with local community leaders and global changemakers. This four week program is based in Washington, DC, but features an incredible trip to Dominican Republic as well. 

We are called to have a purpose that is bigger than ourselves—to be leaders and changemakers.  But what does this look like? This immersive service learning program invites you to learn the skills and innovations needed to take on the most important issues facing our world.  Serving in small teams, you will work alongside inspiring organizations and changemakers on issues like poverty, education, sustainability and human rights. In Washington, DC you learn the issues from all angles: serving in local communities and working with the nation’s top experts in advocacy and social change strategy.  Then we go global, working with grassroots organizations in the Dominican Republic, who are innovating ways to make change in their own communities.  Integrated with coursework in nonprofit leadership and social entrepreneurship, taught by leaders in the field, you will come away from this program with unforgettable insight and inspiration for the future. 

*This program meets part of the requirements for SAAJ, the Nonprofit Minor, and the Social Entrepreneurship Minor*


Program Dates

May 6, 2024 - June 2, 2024 (note: June 1 departures may be considered)

Dates above indicate a planned departure date from the US and in-country return departure date.


Tuition: $2,070 per unit (same as Malibu tuition per unit)

Housing & Food: $2,154

Global Health Fee: $25


Course Offerings

7 unit minimum requirement.

Summer 2024 DC Textbook List


NPM 301 Management of Nonprofit Organizations (3)

GE: Cultural Competence

This course examines the role of nonprofit organizations in meeting human service needs in the United States. Students will learn unique, effective nonprofit management styles, including historical and philosophical foundations of nonprofit organizations and the role of faith-based programs. Human resource development and supervision, program planning, nonprofit marketing, and risk management. 


NPM 330 Intro to Community Research in Nonprofit Sector (3)

GE: Cultural Competence

This seminar is an introduction to community-based research (CBR) in the nonprofit sector. CBR is collaborative, change-oriented research that engages faculty members, students, and community members in projects that address a community-identified need. The research is designed to assist nonprofit organizations in a variety of areas including: improving their programs, promoting their interests, identifying or attracting new resources, understanding or assessing needs of their target populations, explicating issues and challenges, creating awareness of the need for action, or designing strategies for change. The students will present their research findings both in a written report and oral presentation to the nonprofit community at a professional development or academic conference appropriate for the research topic.


WAIN 495 Washington, DC Internship (4) 

Changemaker students take 4 units of WAIN 495; Traditional internship students take 6 units of WAIN 495

Supervised internship experiences in offices and agencies in the Washington, DC area. Interns work full-time in governmental offices, offices of associations seeking to influence government, public policy think tanks, news-gathering agencies, or other offices related to students’ interests and majors. Students will be required to take part in an orientation program, keep daily and weekly journals, and write a major paper in which they reflect on their experiences. Offered only in Washington, DC.


Faculty in Residence

This program will be run by the local DC faculty and staff.

For more information regarding Faculty in Residence, contact Dr. Fiona M. Stewart.



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