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On Campus Student Employment - COVD-19 Information

As of 6/27/2022

Current Student Employees:

At this time, the University is considered fully operational and students may hold positions both in-person and remotely this academic year. Please follow these instructions to search and apply for available positions.

2022-2023 Academic Year Regulations

Returning students may begin fall employment as early as August 1, 2022. This is also the first day that 2022-2023 work study awards may be utilized. At this time, students may work both on-campus and remotely, depending on the department's individual needs.

It is required that students are supervised fully while completing in-person work on a Pepperdine Campus.

Incoming Students & New Student Employees

Incoming students (first year or transfers) may begin working remotely on their first day of classes through the end of the spring semester or term. For more information on the hiring process and requirements for new student employees, please follow this Link.


On-Campus Supervisors:

At the start of each semester/term please connect with your returning student employees or those that have been hired for the fall, to share any additional expectations you have regarding their on-campus employment. Departmental plans, including remote work arrangements if applicable, should be in place and communicated to students with as much advance notice as possible.


It is expected that some student employees may request a hybrid or fully remote work arrangement following campus being restricted to essential business for nearly a year and a half. Student supervisors will first determine if the student position is conducive to remote work, and then determine if the student employee is eligible for remote work. We recommend that any student employee who wishes to have a hybrid or remote work schedule, meet with their supervisor. If the supervisor approves, the supervisor should complete a Remote Work Arrangement. This must be completed by the student's direct supervisor (including faculty members who supervise students directly) prior to the start of the remote work arrangement.

With the assistance of the Human Resources Team, we have created a Student Supervisor Checklist that may assist you with determining which student positions and specific students may work remotely or be offered a hybrid work schedule. We understand that student roles vary drastically across the University and we welcome a conversation with you regarding your specific student positions. Please reach out to the Director of Student Employment, Shelby White (, with any questions or concerns.

Hiring International Students:

International students who are currently residing and have a physical presence in the United States are eligible to work. Unfortunately, due to federal and Visa regulations, students who are residing outside of the United States may not complete remote work for Pepperdine and do not qualify for student employment. As always, international students will be required to apply for a social security number prior to their employment start date and must remain in the United States for the duration of their employment.