On Campus Student Employment - COVD-19 Information

As of 7/24/2020



Our prayers and thoughts are with you all during this turbulent and uncertain time. 

Summer Student Employment Regulations

In accordance with the University's COVID-19 Expense Optimization Measures existing student employees may continue to work remotely. The first date of student summer employment is Monday, May 11th, 2020 and will continue until August 2nd, 2020. Due to Social Distancing protocols, student employment positions will continue to be strictly remote until further notice. We are encouraging supervisors to develop opportunities for students to complete remote work during the summer months. Available on campus positions will be posted per usually on Handshake by the hiring department.

Fall Student Employment Regulations
Returning students may begin fall employment as early as August 3rd, 2020. This is also the first day that 2020-2021 work study awards may be utilized. At this time, fall employment is restricted to remote work positions, unless on-campus employment has been approved by the University Administration. Once the University and the Los Angeles County of Public Health determine that it is safe for students, staff, and faculty to return to campus, on-campus employment may resume. However, remote student employment roles will be encouraged throughout the duration of the fall semester or term to ensure the health and safety of the Pepperdine Community.

Incoming Students & New Student Employees
Incoming students (first year or transfers) may begin working remotely on their first day of classes through the end of the spring semester or term. For more information on the hiring process and requirements for new student employees, please follow this Link.



For both the summer and fall semesters, we encourage departments to explore opportunities for student employees to complete their work hours remotely through telecommuting, whenever possible, for the foreseeable future. Students who are able to telecommute will be expected to enter their hours in Kronos bi-weekly and will be paid following the Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule.

Student Supervisor Planning Checklist: Fall 2020

Please review the below email sent from the Student Employment Office on July 2, 2020.

Planning Checklist and Informational Email

New Hiring Practices for the Fall 2020 Semester:

All hiring and on boarding practices will be completed remotely for the fall semester. Please review the following website for additional information. This only applies to new student employees who have not worked on-campus previously. If you plan to rehire students or hire students who have worked for Pepperdine previously, please follow the usual hiring procedures.

Please note: In order for students to qualify for remote employment, they must have a physical presence within the United States. Students who are living outside of the United States are not permitted to work remotely.

Hiring International Students:

International students who are currently residing and have a physical presence in the United States are eligible to complete remote work. Unfortunately, due to federal and Visa regulations, students who are residing outside of the United States may not complete remote work for Pepperdine and do not qualify for student employment. As always, international students will be required to apply for a social security number prior to their employment start date and must remain in the United States for the duration of their employment.

Please note: Most Social Security offices are currently closed due to COVID-19 and most applications for social security cards cannot be processed at this time. Once offices reopen, applications may be considered. Students are encouraged to check with their local social security office.

New Health & Safety Regulations:

If your department determines that it is essential for students to work on any campuses this fall semester, please contact Human Resources to gain approval. If students are permitted to work within your departments on-site, they must be supervised by a staff or faculty member throughout the duration of their shifts. Students should not be left alone to oversee an office space when staff members are all working remotely. Additionally, all health and safety protocols must be followed in accordance with all University Regulations.