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Webinar and Training Recordings

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Learn from past webinars or training events hosted by the Technology & Learning team as they cover multiple educational technology topics.


Teaching Topics

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Online Course Accessibility Training for Faculty When creating both content and experiences, professors must consider the needs of our learners, including students that may require accommodations.  This two-part, recorded webinar will outline what "accessibility" is, why it is important, and how professors can apply universal design elements to their courses and course materials to meet accessibility guidelines. Accessibility
Copyright and Faculty Rights In this recorded webinar, speakers from Duke University and Rhode Island School of Design review the use of copyright for teaching in both live and online classroom environments.  They cover what is legal by statute and what is eligible for fair use exceptions as well. We strongly recommend this content for all faculty. Copyright
FERPA Essentials for Faculty FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Faculty members and school staff members often have questions about what is protected, what is permissible, and other questions.  This recorded webinar will define FERPA, explain its framework and purpose, and offer guidance on its impact on faculty and school staff members. Data Protection, FERPA, Privacy
Spice Up Your PowerPoint Slides In this presentation Landon Phillips outlines how to transform weak, bland or boring PowerPoints into effective, memorable, and powerful presentations.  Microsoft PowerPoint, Engagement, Online Learning
Game-Based Learning to Increase Engagement In this presentation Landon Phillips shares lessons from game-based learning that can improve your in-class engagement. Engagement, Game-Based Learning, Online Learning

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Courses Basics & Refresher Learn the basics of Courses, Pepperdine University's Learning Management System powered by Sakai.  In this recorded webinar you will learn how to access and manage your class sites, how to add tools, and the fundamentals of the most popular features of your LMS. Courses
Courses: Assignments and Forums In this more advanced topic, you will learn the fundamentals of the Assignments and Forums tools of Courses/Sakai. Assessment, Assignments, Courses, Discussion, Forums
Courses: Engage Students Online with the Forums Tool Do you use the Forums Tool in Sakai Courses for asynchronous discussions in your classes?  Would you like to find out how to spice up your asynchronous discussions and make them more engaging?  In this recording, the Technology and Learning Team along with Professor Lynda Palmer (PGBS) share best practices to promote engaging asynchronous discussions using the Courses Forums Tool. Collaboration, Courses, Discussion, Engagement, Forums
Courses: Structured Learning with Lessons and Resources In this more advanced topic, you will learn the fundamentals of the Lessons and Resources tools of Courses/Sakai. Courses, Document Sharing, Lessons, Modules, Scaffolding.
Standardizing Course Design to Improve Student Experience Are your students able to easily locate and understand how to successfully navigate the tools and content that you uploaded in Courses?  Are you designing your course(s) with quality assurance at the forefront?  In this webinar, we will review the importance of building a structured course that allows students to have a seamless experience using Courses and improve their overall engagement, experience, and evaluation with the course. Courses, Lessons Tool, Face-to-Face. Hybrid, Online, Quality Matters
Courses: Tests & Quizzes In this more advanced topic, you will learn the fundamentals of the Tests & Quizzes tool of Courses/Sakai. Assessment, Courses, Tests, Quizzes.
Tests & Quizzes | Individualizing Online Exams Are you maximizing the features available in Courses to individualize online student exams?  Would you like to learn how to create assessments with a random question order and/or random draws from question banks?  In this webinar, we will explore the tools and strategies available to create unique exams for each of your students.  Attendees will be expected to have a foundational knowledge of the Tests & Quizzes tool to follow along and make the most of their time in this session. Assessment, Courses, Tests, Quizzes.
Tests & Quizzes | Most Common Mistakes Join us in this session, as we discuss the most common issues and mistakes our team has encountered for exams administered through the Tests & Quizzes tool!  This session covers commonly viewed issues and best practices for avoiding them.  Assessment, Courses, Tests, Quizzes.
Courses: Grading and Gradebook In this more advanced topic, you will learn the fundamentals of the Gradebook tool of Courses/Sakai. Assessment, Courses, Gradebook
Courses: Rubrics In this more advanced topic, you will learn the fundamentals of the Rubrics tool in Courses/Sakai. Assessment, Courses, Gradebook, Tests & Quizzes, Assignments
No Surprises! The Art of Using the Gradebook to Communicate Progress Join us as we dive into the Courses Gradebook by examining common pitfalls encountered by faculty.  Learn best practices that arise out of using the Gradebook in ways that coincide with real-world use cases!  This webinar assumes that attendees have a basic understanding of the Gradebook tool. Assessment, Courses, Gradebook
Maximizing the Lessons Tool in Courses Do you want to supplement your lectures with additional content or streamline the way students navigate your materials?  Want to learn how other faculty design their courses?  This webinar will show you how to maximize the use of the Lessons tool in Courses! Courses, Face-to-Face, Hybrid, Online
Go Green! Create Online Tests and Quizzes in Courses Do you spend a lot of time creating, printing, distributing, and collecting tests and quizzes?  Have you considered saving paper by using the Tests & Quizzes tool for formative and summative assessments?  In this webinar, you will learn how to create various question types and discuss the pros and cons of students taking online assessments. Assessment, Courses, Tests & Quizzes
Courses Upgrade to Sakai 19 On Tuesday, August 13, 2019, Courses was upgraded to Sakai 19.  This upgrade provides the new Rubrics tool, along with improvements and performance enhancements for the Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, Gradebook, Overview, and other features. Courses

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Pepperdine Turnitin Policy Are you aware of Pepperdine guidelines and best practices when using the Turnitin plagiarism tool?  Unsure of what options to select (and not select) when setting up the tool in Courses?  Rest assured that you are not alone!  In this webinar we will thoroughly review Pepperdine's Turnitin policy and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.  We will also review how to properly interpret a similarity report. Academic Integrity, Plagiarism

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Zoom Basics Get started with using Zoom to teach your classes. You will learn how to register for a Pepperdine Zoom account, how to schedule meetings, and the basics of hosting your class sessions. Courses, Web Conferencing, Zoom
Zoom: Breakout Rooms In this recorded webinar you will learn the fundamentals of using the Breakout Rooms tool in Zoom.  This is a recording of a live session so there will be gaps in the recording where attendees experimented with the breakout rooms features. Breakout Rooms, Student Engagement, Web Conferencing, Zoom
Zoom: Polls The polling feature for meetings allows you to create single choice or multiple choice polling questions for your meetings.  You will be able to launch the poll during your meeting and gather the responses from your attendees. Zoom Polls, Student Engagement, Web Conferencing, Synchronous 
Zoom: Sharing Content  Learn tips and best practices when sharing content online with Zoom. Share Audio/Video, Share Screen, Student Engagement, Web Conferencing
Don't Cancel Class! Tools for Academic Continuity Do you have an upcoming conference that you will be attending during scheduled class time?  Campus closure?  Car trouble and can't make it to campus?  The "Don't Cancel Class" webinar provides an overview of a variety of tools that can assist you with delivering class content to your students while you are off-campus. Academic Continuity, Courses, Hybrid, Online, Web Conferencing, Zoom
Got Netiquette? Managing Expectations for Online Learning Environments Technology and Learning offers an overview of web conferencing netiquette.  Viewers can expect to learn basic strategies to host and conduct successful online sessions with Zoom.  Guidelines in setting student expectations for Zoom sessions are also discussed. Hybrid, Online, Web Conferencing, Zoom
Keep Calm and Teach On! Are you prepared to continue teaching if there is a campus closure?  Do you know what communication, content sharing, and web conferencing tools are available to Pepperdine faculty and students?  Be proactive and watch this webinar. Academic Continuity, Courses, Hybrid, Online, Web Conferencing, Zoom
What's all the Buzz about Zoom? If campus is closed, are you prepared to facilitate class online?  Would it be more convenient to host virtual office hours?  Do you want to avoid canceling classes while you are at a conference?  In this webinar, you will learn how your colleagues are using Zoom to meet and collaborate with students and faculty from across campus or around the world. Academic Continuity, Hybrid, Online, Web Conferencing, Zoom

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Pepperdine Libraries

In partnership with our colleagues at Pepperdine Libraries, we are highlighting select recordings related to special teaching resources for faculty.

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Library eBooks Pepperdine Libraries has licensed many ebooks for the benefit of our faculty and students. Learn about the ebook resources that are available to help your classes. Library, eBooks
Library eReserves Pepperdine Libraries staff explains how professors can use its eReserves to help classes work with special materials and content. Library, eReserves

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